Different Types of Customer Support Provided by an Inbound Call Center

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An inbound call center provides different levels of customer support based upon the type of business. There may even be multiple types of services offered by a single call center with different inbound phone numbers. For instance, a company may have one line for order placement, another for technical support, another for product questions, and still another for locating a dealer or for literature fulfillment requests.

Combining Support Services Offered by an Inbound Call Center

Instead of having individual phone lines for different types of customer support offered by an inbound call center, a company may choose to provide only a single phone number. When calls are received, call center support agents are responsible to handle all types of phone calls, regardless of the nature. Using this type of solution will require that your agents are trained in all areas of support. Another option is to use an outside service, like us here at Answer United, to provide all of your call center support solutions. We provide training for our agents based upon your requirements.