Deciding Types and Times of Calls You Want Answered by a Telephone Answering Service

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When you use our telephone answering service, you will want to decide what types of phone calls you want our service to handle. You can choose to have all of your calls answered by our service, regardless of nature. Received calls can be routed directly to people within your organization during normal business hours. The times you can have our service take phone calls vary based upon your organizational needs. Your options include nights and weekends, all the time, during peak phone times, or any type of schedule you require.

A Telephone Answering Service Offers Different Types of Set Ups

When you think about a telephone answering service, you might picture a telephone operator answering inbound phone calls, taking messages and paging people when calls are urgent. While this is just one type of set up you can use, there are also other types of solutions available from us here at Answer United. We give you the freedom to choose from different phone call delivery and retrieval options.