Get Your Phones Answered When Out of the Office with a Healthcare Answering Service

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Providing home healthcare and hospice care for patients who want to remain at home is important. Since you and your staff will be spending time away from the office, it can be difficult to have someone available to take phone calls. You would not want to use your cell phone and have people calling while you were on a home visit, as this would not be professional. Instead of being able to concentrate on your patient, you would be stuck on the phone. You can solve this problem by hiring a healthcare answering service to take your phone calls.

Message Delivery Options Available from a Healthcare Answering Service

You can choose how you want your messages delivered from your healthcare answering service, like us, here at Answer United. You can call in and retrieve messages from our agents, have the messages sent to your email, faxed to your fax machine, or even sent as a text message to your mobile device. We work with you to create the message delivery solution that will work best for your operation.