Doctors Answering Service Answers after Hours Urgent Phone Calls from Patients

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No matter what type of doctor you are or what field of medicine you specialize in, you will need to hire a doctors answering service. The answering service allows your patients to reach you after office hours for emergency situations. When a patient calls your office line the call is transferred to the answering service. The live telephone operator, takes your patient’s message and then follows your instructions to call you or your on call physician. You can even elect to have messages sent to your cell phone as text messages.

Select a Doctors Answering Service which is HIPPA Compliant

When selecting a doctor’s answering service you will want a company which is HIPPA compliant, like here at Answer United. Our trained agents follow all rules, regulations and guidelines according to HIPPA, so you never have to worry about your patient’s information being shared. In addition to answering you phones after hours, we can provide solutions for appointment confirmations and scheduling as well as call overflow support.