A Traditional Call Answering Service Answers Calls and Takes Messages

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A traditional call answering service will answer you phone lines after hours, when your
business is closed. The telephone agents will take messages according to your
guidelines. You then either have to call in to retrieve your message or have the messages delivered using one of several different options. There may also be other times when you need to have calls answered, like when you want all of your employees to attend a staff meeting, or when your incoming calls are at a peak.

A Call Answering Service Fits with Today’s Changing Workplaces

Besides using traditional answering services, there are also other types of solutions available to fit with today’s changing workplaces. For example, you may want to eliminate appointment scheduling and confirmations to free up your employees for other tasks. Another possibility is when you want to expand your call center, but do not have the necessary resources to properly staff the expansion. These types of solutions are available from our call answering service, here at Answer United, as well as others to fit with your size operation.