After Hours Answering Service

After Hours Answering Service Offers 24/7 Support


Businesses and organizations in different industries, such a medical, legal, construction and retail, can make their operations always accessible through the use of an after-hours answering service. Answering services provide different solutions to fit the needs of the industry, and include the ability to answer phone calls and take messages after hours, as well as provide 24/7 support services including order entry and virtual receptionists.


Picking an After Hours Answering Service Solution


Choosing an after-hours answering service will depend upon the type of industry being served as well as the needs of the client. Some answering service companies, such as Answer United,, provide a variety of services to help streamline operations, such as providing order entry, help desk, call center, and answering services as individual services or the ability for clients to combine services tailored to their individual needs. Answer United is a leader in the call center industry and has been providing solutions for forty-eight years.