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Answer United enables the kind of 24/7 live phone support with its answering service in Delaware and call centre service in Delaware that most of its customers need and want. Read on to know more.

Businesses in Delaware can benefit from Answer United’s live operator customer service solution that doubles up as an answering service and a call centre service as well. We provide the facility of your phones being answered by a live receptionist 24 hours a day at an affordable rate for all local companies and small businesses.

Our operators are fully trained and prepped for all aspects of customer service queries- they take messages, dispatch them along voice, text or any other channels that you prefer and even take the responsibility of answering questions according to your explicit instructions.

Answer United gives you the power to be there for your customers at all times and all places.

With our answering service in Delaware and call centre service in Delaware, Answer United’s all in one office solutions have everything that a Delaware company could possibly need. This includes not only inbound answering for 24 hours live, but also provision of local, toll free i.e. 1-800 numbers, affordable options for voicemail, IVR applications that are automated, etc.

Our voice operators and receptionists are fully trained to respond to Internet faxes, emails, call prospects, handle tasks of taking orders, and even working on your websites live chat and query requests.

Engagement with customers is possible through all possible support mediums and channels, including Twitter and Facebook. Our mobile app puts this customer access at even more of a convenient reach for you! You don’t need even a computer to listen to messages, receive call details and check usage as well!

You have customers; we have the service for them! Get Answer United’s Answering Service pronto!

Thousands of people in Delaware have benefited from the professional support provided by us to small businesses through our call centre.

  • Our answer rates are much higher than industry averages.
  • Our turnover rate for customer service representative is below industry norms.
  • We receive international and national inbound calls from various companies all through the day and have a capacity to handle much more!
  • We review calls at regular intervals to maintain our high standards of customer service and call quality.
  • We have a high industry experience, and are thus able to guide young, fledgling businesses on strategies that work and ones that don’t.
  • We have a vast customer base extending across various industries such as real estate, dental, medical, HVAC, legal, healthcare, property management, etc.

Answer United is there to meet all your needs and show your customers that you care in the best possible way. Easy to try, buy and use, use our services to increase your ratings amongst your customers and against your competitors.

Here are some of the cities we serve:

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