Answer United has been working with all sizes of insurance agencies for over 50 years.  We truly understand the needs of an insurance agency.  Based on our experience, an Insurance Agency could require a couple of different Answering Service tools.  Let us review some of the ways we have been able to support Insurance Agencies.

  • Insurance Claims
  • Virtual Receptionist

Answering Service for Insurance Claims

Answer United can serve as the claims center for your Insurance Agency.  Being available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 365 days of the year enables us to be on-call when your customers need us.  Our agents are trained with a robust training program, tested to be effective in our 50+ years in business, so you will be happy with the quality of the call.  Lastly, our progressive software enables us to capture all the vital information to begin the insurance claim for your office.

Insurance Office Virtual Receptionist

One way to make a smaller, independent insurance agency appear larger in size is with a professional virtual receptionist.  Imagine having a live receptionist, yet only paying that individual when they answer a call.  That is what you will get with a virtual receptionist.  Our friendly agent is readily available to answer your calls.

Our Onboarding Process for Insurance Answering Service:

Kick-Off Call
Your Account Manager will schedule a call with our project launch team to confirm the scope of the project.

We need information from you to build your solution.  Receiving this information in a timely manner is crucial for programming so we launch smoothly and timely.

Our Programming team will complete the setup and configuration of your account based on the deliverables provided.  Contact information, scripts, FAQs, and company details will be in our system readily available for the agent.

Our Team Leaders will begin training your team on your account’s call handling procedures.

Your account will go live.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with services from Answer United.

Call us today to speak to a knowledgeable sales member for a free, no hassle consultation and see how Answer United can help your Insurance Agency.