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Answer United can dispatch calls to your business 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Dispatching can be done in a variety of ways, let’s explore them.

How The Dispatching Process Works:


Caller Calls Into Your Business


Answer United Live Agent Answers Line


Based on Your Selected Dispatch Option, We Dispatch the Message or Caller to You

Dispatch Options:

Text / Email Dispatching
For less urgent messages, the message is simply sent via text or email to single or multiple recipients.  A reply is not required.

Reply to Text / Email Dispatching
Message is sent via text or email to the on-call staff.  The on-call staff replies to the text or email.  If there is no response after a set amount of time, a call is places.  A cost-efficient options; saves most of the cost of a call out.

Call Out Tree Dispatching
Answer United follows a step-by-step program to deliver messages.  This is customized by you to meet your needs.

A HIPAA compliant app used by most of our medical facilities. miSecureMessages allows you to see when the case is sent, delivered and read.  A cost-efficient option; it saves the cost of a call out.  Another feature of the app is you can chat with coworkers, all within the secure app.

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