Answering Service in Springfield, Illinois

As a Springfield, Illinois business owner in a competitive market, providing top-tier customer service options for your customers and clients is a must. It can be difficult, however, to hire more in-person staff, provide accommodations for office space, and figure out how to expand your budget enough to incorporate three more full-time staff members complete with health insurance, paid time off, and a maximum of 40 hours worked per week.

Instead of hassling with the overwhelming expense of hiring in-person staff, potentially expanding your Springfield, Illinois office space, and dealing with the other complexities that come with this option, we invite you to consider another option altogether: hiring an answering service.

Provide 24/7 Communication in Springfield, Illinois

Answering services like those that Answer United provides gives you the ability to open up lines of communication for 24/7 access to your business. Think it sounds too good to be true? No so when you have a company that knows how to provide top-tier communication services around the clock for companies across the nation.

At Answer United, our answering service professionals go to work for you at all times of day and night. Whenever a customer calls in, we will pick up. Your office might be closed for the day, but we can be a line of communication that answers their questions about your business, fulfills inquires related to inventory, enters orders, signs up event attendees, and more.

When you hire an answering service like Answer United for your Springfield, Illinois business, you never have to close. We help you remain open and operational twenty-four hours a day.

Springfield Answering Service Offerings

No two businesses require the same types of answering services. That’s why we work with each business individually to come up with a custom plan. We can mix and match or combine any type of service to create a customized plan that works just for you.

Do you want a voicemail system that allows clients to log in and request appointments or updates to their cases? Answer United can do that. Would you like live answering after hours or during peak hours so your employees can stay focused on their job? We can provide that. Do you wish you could keep a clean email inbox instead of feeling overwhelmed at the sheer volume of emails that come in each day? We can do that, too.

There is no end to the combination of answering service options we can provide for your Springfield, Illinois business.

In addition to service options, we will also work with you to create custom scripts to use when talking with your customers or clients. We do this so that we will sound exactly the way you want us to sound when we take your phone calls and answer your emails.

Medical Answering Service Solutions for Springfield, Illinois Practices

All medical professionals understand the importance of being available for patients. From prescription refills to appointment requests to lab test inquires and urgent calls, quick and professional communication is critical. That’s why Answer United has worked with medical practices of all shapes and sizes for more than 50 years. Whether you’re a Springfield, Illinois hospital administrator, run a small chiropractic office, or you have a family medicine practice, we can help ensure your patients’ needs are met when they need to reach you most.

Our medical answering services can be completely customized, so we provide the services you need most. All our medical answering services are fully HIPAA compliant, so you can rest assured, knowing your patients’ information is private and safe.

Answer United agents will use custom scripts that we develop with you so you patients feel like they’re speaking with a receptionist in your Springfield, Illinois office. We can also set up a voicemail system that allows them to submit prescription refills, appointment requests, and find out about lab results.

One of our most-loved features is our on-call updating and messaging system. With our system, you can keep your on-call physician schedule up to date whether you’re in the office, at home, or away on vacation. Then, when urgent calls are answered by our answering service professionals, we’ll send them on to the correct on-call physician using your preferred messaging method.

We can send messages to your medical staff via cell phone, SMS, instant message, PDA, or pager to ensure that you get them quickly and in the way that best suits your needs.

Answer United: Answering Services for Springfield, Illinois

At Answer United, we provide more than live call answering. We can keep your email inbox clean, provide your customers with help desk services, take orders, register event attendees, schedule appointments, start insurance claims, and much more.

Give us a call to find out how we can help your Springfield, Illinois business.