Answer United: Providing 24/7 Communication Capabilities to Seattle, Washington

As a business owner, you’re tasked with the responsibility to run your company, ensure orders are taken and customer requests are handled smoothly, and employees are given time and space to do their jobs. Between meetings, planning for the continued growth of your business, and meeting with potential partners or clients, you probably don’t have a lot of time to answer emails, phone calls, and sift through a long lineup of voicemails.

What can you do to ensure emails are answered, the phone is picked up, and voicemails don’t get lost in a backlog of voicemails that have gone unanswered? Call us at Answer United. That’s right – we can help your business run smoothly by partnering with you to provide answering service solutions such as these.

Keep Your Seattle, Washington Business Running Around the Clock

With Answer United’s professional call center agents working for you, your Seattle, Washington business never has to close. You might have store hours for your brick-and-mortar location and hours that you and your employees work, but we can keep you running 24/7. What can Answer United do for you? We can:

        Take orders
        Place follow-up calls
        Register event attendees
        Schedule appointments
        Reschedule appointments
        Fulfill literature requests
        And much, much more!

Our professional and experienced agents can step into the gap and help fill just about any communication need. Whether you want someone simply manning the phones to answer every customer inquiry day or night, or you want a virtual secretary to schedule appointments, place calls, or cover other areas of your Seattle, Washington business, Answer United can handle it.

What’s even better about our top-notch answering services is that we never stop working for you. We’ll place orders at noon or midnight, schedule appointments at five in the afternoon or five in the morning. We are always up and always working for your Seattle, Washington business. With us working for you, you’ll never have to miss another order or customer call.

Answering Services for Every Seattle, Washington Industry

At Answer United, we’re proud to offer our answering services to a wide range of Seattle, Washington businesses. We work with consulting and counseling firms, funeral homes, the government, home health care and hospice, medical offices and physicians, HVAC companies, property management, electricians, veterinarians, and many more! If you need answering service solutions to help you sort out your communication backlog, then Answer United is who you need to call. It’s our job to keep your phone lines open, your inbox tidy, and your voicemails easy to answer.

We also understand how important it is to learn the lingo for each industry we’re in and that’s why we train our professional agents. We invest in our award-winning agents and many, in turn, stay with us for ten to twenty years or more! When a customer calls or chats with our agents, your customer will feel like they’re talking directly to you. We’ll use your phrases, a custom-made dialogue we create with you, and any specific wording you prefer. You won’t have to worry about professionalism when our company works for you. When we answer for you, we’ll sound like you. That’s an Answer United guarantee.

Medical Answering Services for Seattle, Washington Professionals

As a medical professional, you understand the importance of your clients or patients being able to reach you every time. If a patient can’t reach you, they’re likely to become frustrated and dissatisfied with your practice. At Answer United, we have the solution for that.

Our professionally-trained agents are HIPPA certified and knowledgeable in all the lingo needed to establish a good relationship and rapport with your clients and patients. Our clients understand medical terminology and the importance of answering quickly, accurately, and compassionately. We can be the first line of communication for your customers and leave them with a beneficial, positive experience that leaves them thinking well of your medical practice.

From Seattle, Washington chiropractors to counselors, doctors to dentists, we can provide professional answering services for every medical practice. Let us schedule your appointments, direct callers to the appropriate department or on-call physician, and increase your patient and client satisfaction.

Custom Seattle Answering Service Solutions for Your Business

At Answer United, we understand that every Seattle, Washington business has different areas of their operation that require creative answering service solutions. That’s why we offer customized answering services such as 24/7 answering, voicemail systems, email answering, and help desk solutions. We’ll work with you to come up with the best solution possible. We’ll even help you come up with a customized script so you can be confident that our agents will sound just the way you want them to every time they talk with your customer over the phone, email, or through our live chat capabilities.

Give us a call today and put Answer United’s Seattle Answering Service to work for you!