Live 24/7 Answering Services for Santa Monica, CA Businesses

Answer United is an answering service that offers live 24/7 answering, email response, automated answering, call forwarding, and live chat for Santa Monica, CA businesses. We serve businesses of all types including medical offices, consulting and counseling firms, funeral homes, and more. When you partner with Answer United, you get more than a virtual receptionist – you get a 24/7 on-call partner who will keep your business moving forward. With us at the phones, you and your team can focus on growing your company.

Around-the-Clock Answering Services for Santa Monica, CA Businesses

Our live answering services are available 24/7, including nights and weekends. We’re staffed with knowledgeable individuals that can answer your inbound calls promptly or transfer the caller to one of your designated extensions when appropriate.


Live answering services can be used for businesses including medical offices, consulting and counseling firms, funeral homes, HVAC businesses, and more. With live answering, your customers will speak to a real person, 100% of the time, no matter the time of day. We can answer questions, book appointments, take down information, and provide custom services for your clients.

Premier Call Bilingual Answering Services in Santa Monica, CA

Did you know over 38 million people in the United States speak Spanish? That means a significant portion of your customer base and potential clients might find it helpful to have the option to speak in Spanish rather than English.


If you’re looking for a bilingual live answering service, then look no further! Answer United offers a full line-up of Spanish call answering services in Santa Monica, CA. Our experienced bilingual staff can answer your customer calls by phone or email and provide exceptional customer service from start to finish.


All of our bilingual agents are highly trained professionals fluent in English and Spanish. All services that we offer, from live answering to live chat, can be conducted in either language. Our bilingual staff will be proud to represent your company in a language that is comfortable for your customers.


Offering bilingual customer service and engagement solutions is certainly one way you can gain a distinct edge up on your competition.

Grow Your Online Presence with Answer United

For Santa Monica, CA Bay Area businesses with a web presence, we also offer live chat services so visitors don’t have to leave your website to call you if they have a question or need. Live chat is ideal to capture customers who have limited time, are multitasking on your website, or simply prefer chat-based support over calling in.


Through live chat services, we can supply your customers with more information about the product or service they are viewing and provide them with answers to their questions all at the click of a button. 


These professional services can significantly upgrade the user experience on your website. Live chat alleviates pressure on your employees who would otherwise be working non-stop during peak times and provides customers with resources during and after business hours when no one at your Santa Monica, CA company is available.

Answer United Provides Email Answering and More for your Business

We also offer email answering for those instances where a phone call may not be necessary or preferred by you and your staff. Our virtual receptionists will field incoming emails from customers as well as process outgoing messages on behalf of your Santa Monica, CA business. Our team is dedicated to handling these requests around the clock. You’ll have someone who’s always there working with you – even if they’re not physically present.


Answer United also provides automated answering, which is perfect for those times when you’re not available to answer inbound calls or take outbound messages on your own. You can set up a recording that will provide the caller with the information they may need and then direct them to an extension where they can leave a message or talk to one or our staff members – it’s as simple as that!


Our automated answering service is perfect when you need flexible coverage that can be tailored to your needs or budget without compromising quality customer care. With our easy-to-use interface, you can set up your automated answering service for both inbound and outbound messages.

Professional Medical Answering Services in Santa Monica, CA

If you’re looking for professional Medical Answering Services in Santa Monica, CA, Answer United provides live 24/7/365 services for medical offices. You’ll never have to worry about being caught off guard by a voicemail or missed call again! We cover all types of specialty practices including cardiologists, dentists, dermatologists, optometrists, and more. Our experienced receptionists will field incoming calls, messages, and emails from customers as well as process outgoing messages on behalf of the business.

Answer United: Providing Key Communication Services

Whether you need live answering services to provide a professional first impression of your Santa Monica, CA company, or if you’re looking for an easy-to-manage method of handling all inbound calls that come through the office phone lines from customers and potential clients alike, Answer United can help.