Answer United: Providing Professional Answering Service for your Pittsburg, PA Business

As a competitive business in your field, it’s important to provide excellent customer service for your customer base. By providing multiple ways to reach out and get in touch, your customers and clients can go directly to your company for a wide variety of items from complaints and queries to order questions and event registration. Without these methods, however, customers will turn to social media to air their complaints and frustrations.

We understand that it’s not always practical to have staff members that can answer phones, reply to emails, and fulfill orders around the clock. That’s why we are here. We provide a 24/7 answering service for your Pittsburg, PA business so you and your employees can do what you do best: run your company.

Provide Customers with Diverse Answering Services

At Answer United, we offer a wide variety of answering services for Pittsburg, PA businesses from every industry. We work with companies in fields including:

        Legal and Medical
        Home Health Care and Hospice
        Funeral Homes
        Electricians and Plumbers
        And more!

There isn’t a business or industry that we can’t handle. And with many of our experienced agents spending 15 or more years with us, you’ll always work with trained professionals who understand how to work with your customers in a professional, friendly, helpful manner.

We offer a wide selection of answering services for your Pittsburg, PA business, no matter what industry you’re in. Our trained Answer United agents can provide 24/7 call answering, email reading and response, order taking, and event registration. We also provide on-call message forwarding for urgent callers for medical offices, veterinarians, and funeral homes. Whatever your area of need, we can provide the answering services you need.

Keep Your Pittsburg, PA Business Running 24/7

It’s impractical to hire employees to provide answering services for your Pittsburg, PA office twenty-four hours a day. After all, you and your employees need time to eat, sleep, and spend time with families. So, what can you do if you want to make sure you’re catching every order, every event signup, and every customer question? Hire Answer United!

We provide around-the-clock services that can’t be beaten. We’ll answer calls, take messages, enter orders, sign up event attendees, forward messages, provide help desk services, be available for live chat, schedule appointments, and more.

When you hang up the closed sign for the day, your business doesn’t have to shut down when Answer United is your partner. Our trained professionals can handle a wide variety of customer needs and we are available at all times.

For less than half of the expense of a full-time employee, you can have three times as much coverage with our answering service! And you only pay for the time our agents are actively working for your Pittsburg, PA business. That means you save money and a lot of headaches you don’t need to worry about. You get all the benefits with none of the overhead for office space, unemployment, and federal tax, time off, lunch breaks, vacation time, sick leave, or any of the other issues you have to worry about with hiring another employee.

Provide Excellent Medical Answering Services

When it comes to providing customer service for medical patients and clients, you need to know your clients are in good hands and their information is kept safe. Answer United is HIPPA compliant and each of our professional answering service agents is trained to handle medical calls. Your clients are answered promptly, professionally, and with compassion.

We offer service specifically for use with Pittsburg, PA medical offices from hospitals to counseling services including:

        On-call scheduling
        Instant messages to SMS, IM, pager, and PDA
        Appointment scheduling
        Customizable voice messaging
        Appointment follow-up calls and reminders
        And more

You’ll never have to wonder if your client information is safe with Answer United providing these services for you. We treat each person with dignity, professionalism, and respect, and we’ll always follow HIPPA guidelines and regulations.

Customized Answering Service Solutions for Every Pittsburg, PA Business

When an Answer United professional answers the phone for your business, they can answer with your business name, motto, and a custom script that you want us to use. That means we’ll sound exactly like your business when a customer calls us to talk with you.

No matter whether we’re talking with someone on the phone, providing help desk services, or chatting live on your website, we’ll always sound like a member of your Pittsburg, PA staff and that’s how we like it. Answer United strives to be your business partner, enabling your company to grow steadily while keeping customers and clients happy, no matter their need.

Let’s find out how we can serve you and keep your Pittsburg, PA company operating around the clock!