Answer United Solves Communication Problems in Minneapolis, Minnesota

At Answer United, we understand how important it is for businesses to maintain an excellent track record of customer service. One of the biggest issues facing businesses today is figuring out how to handle the massive number of communications that pour in from every platform. Minneapolis, Minnesota businesses of yesteryear only needed to worry about answering phone calls.

Today, there are phone calls, voicemails, emails, instant messages through platforms like Facebook, requests for returned calls, and more. It’s enough to make your head spin. Large corporations and small mom-and-pop businesses alike face an unprecedented influx of customer communications. So, how do you handle it all?

With an answering service such as Answer United, our trained, professional agents can step into the gap, fill these needs, and be “on-call” for your business 24/7.

Keep Your Business Operational 24/7 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

It’s every business’s goal to be fully operational around the clock. After all, wouldn’t you want to take customer orders, answer inquiries, return messages, and connect with interested patrons or patients at all times of day and night? As great as this sounds, for the average business, it’s anything but practical. After all, you and your employees still need breaks, and you have to sleep.

With Answer United, this goal is finally achievable. Thanks to our dedicated team of experienced answering service professionals, we have agents available to keep your Minneapolis, Minnesota business running around the clock. While you’re sleeping, we can take orders. When you’re on vacation, we can keep your inbox clear and customer emails answered. When employees call in sick or go on maternity leave, we can handle the extra volume of phone call answering, instant messages, and other needs you face.

Answer United partners with you to be an extension of your Minneapolis, Minnesota home office. Your customers will feel as if they’re interfacing directly with you and your staff for a beneficial customer service experience that will keep them returning for more.

Customize Answering Service Solutions for your Minneapolis, Minnesota Business

Each business has different answering service needs and gaps that need to be filled. That’s why we at Answer United create customized answering service solutions for each business. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to customer service needs. We work with each business to discuss which of our options work best such as:

        Email reading and response
        Customized voicemail systems
        Call answering
        Instant chat options
        And more!

Answer United provides a wide variety of answering service solutions within each of these service areas. We can take orders, fill out service requests, place follow-up calls and emails, serve as a help desk center for your customers, complete absentee reporting, schedule appointments… you name it, and we can get the job done!

All in all, you can think of Answer United as a virtual secretary or full-time receptionist. The best thing about working with Answer United is that we work for your Minneapolis, Minnesota business 24/7. We don’t take vacation, call in sick, or need time off. When you hire Answer United to provide your answering service solutions, we will always be available. And the best part is that we only charge for the time when we’re actively working for you. This means you only pay for the time used and any unused time can get rolled over into the next period.

Medical Answering Services to Keep Your Practice Running Smoothly in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you run a medical practice, whether it’s a doctor’s office, a hospital, or counseling practice, you need to be accessible to patients and clients. Our professional and expertly trained answering service agents are well-versed in medical terminology and all the rules and regulations of being HIPPA certified. They also understand how to speak with patients compassionately while rapidly solving their problems.

Whether your Minneapolis, Minnesota patient needs to reorder medication, reschedule an appointment, or speak with an on-call doctor, our answering service agents can handle each request. We have the capability to:

        Set up customized voicemail systems for your practice.
        Set up an on-call scheduling system that allows you to view, post, and change it on the fly.
        Set up a direct messaging system for urgent messages via SMS, PDA, IM, cell, or page.
        Schedule appointments at all hours.
        Ensure each patient call is routed where they can best be served.

These options are just a few ways we can help your Minneapolis, Minnesota medical practice. The result? A reduced workload for you and your staff, and increased patient satisfaction.

Answer United: Answering Service Solutions for Every Minneapolis, Minnesota Business

We are proud to work with businesses of all sizes in all industries across the country. Give us a call today and let’s see how Answer United can keep your business operating around the clock.