Trustworthy Answering Service in Joliet Illinois

Your business may have a receptionist or even a reception team. But is someone still around to answer phones after normal business hours have ended for the day? What about on weekends? Or is someone answering the phone during lunchtime hours? What do you do when your staff calls in sick or takes a vacation? What if your staff has to step away from the phones to tend to a more pressing matter?

The bottom line is that your customers today want answers on their time — they don’t want to have to work around yours. And they don’t want to talk to an answering machine and leave a message with the hope that someone will call them back. They want an answer immediately. If your customers or prospective customers aren’t being met with this level of customer service, it’s likely that they’re going to look to take their business elsewhere. It’s why working with a reputable, professional answering service in Joliet Illinois can pay huge dividends. Not only can working with an answering service such as Answer United help increase revenue and reduce operational bottlenecks, but it can help take your customer service from good to great. Read on for more on how Answer United can become a true extension of your business.

How Answer United Can Help Transform Your Business

Like we noted in the opening, customers are looking for on-demand service today. They want their questions answered, prescriptions filled, appointments scheduled and purchases made on their time — whether they’re contacting you at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m. So why does it make sense to work with an answering service in Joliet Illinois, such as Answer United? For starters, our agents are all experienced professionals that work with the latest and best equipment to help represent your firm and back it up with data to help it boost its decision making and overall operations. And two, we don’t just sit behind a desk going through the motions. We’ll become experts in all things pertaining to your business so we’re more than just a partner, but a true extension of your business. After all, in order for us to be successful, your business has to be successful.

The Answer United Difference

In addition to our professional agents and industry expertise, there are a variety of other reasons why it makes sense to work with Answer United. Here’s a look at some of the ways we add value to your business:

  • Flexibility: We won’t just be on call at all hours of the day, but we’ll work to meet your clients on the platforms that they’re using. Hence, if they’re calling you, we’ll be there to pick up the phone. If they’re e-mailing you, we can handle that too. Texting, direct messaging via social media or online chatting? We can do that too. We’re here to serve your clients, regardless of the platforms that they’re communicating on.
  • Scriptwriting help: It always helps to have agents work off of some sort of script framework. And being that we work to become experts in knowing your business and how it works, we’re happy to write this script for your firm or collaborate on it with you.
  • Absentee reporting: In addition to all of our core services, we also offer both live and automated absentee reporting. This can be a huge help to any HR department that regularly has to manage large sums of absentees.

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