Answer United Provides Unique Answering Service Solutions

At Answer United, we understand the stress and strain on Fort Myers, Florida businesses to provide multiple lines of communication for customers, clients, and patients around the clock. We also understand the limited capabilities of on-site and even remote full-time staff you hire. Staff members require breaks, limited working hours each day, and vacation time, among other reasons why they may be unable to fill the gap when it comes to communicating with your customers.

Rather than hire yet another full-time staff member that is limited to a set number of hours to work each day, there is another option: Answer United.

Providing Custom Answering Service Coverage for Fort Myers, Florida Businesses

Answer United is unique because we provide 24/7 live call answering in addition to numerous other options to fill the communication gaps in your Fort Myers, Florida business. Many businesses appreciate the ability to have live call answering around the clock for their customers. This helps with customer satisfaction, order entry, inquiry processing, event registration, and other needs customers experience.

We do much more than live call answering, however. We also provide help desk services, live web chat, event registration, absentee reporting, medical answering services, email reading and response, and more!

At Answer United, we understand that each business is different and requires a range of answering services. That’s why we come up with custom solutions for each Fort Myers, Florida business.

When you are ready to hire us, we’ll work directly with you to come up with a custom plan that meets your needs. We can mix, match, and combine our answering services according to your preferences. Then, when we start working for you, we’ll provide each service on a 24/7 365 basis. But the best part is that you only pay when we’re actively working for you. That means we don’t charge you unless we are chatting with your customers, answering your calls, responding to company emails, or carrying out other tasks on your behalf.

Fort Myers Medical Answering Service

It’s not just businesses that need professional answering services; medical practices need them, too! Why? Because you and your staff can only handle so many calls during the day. Because patients need to be routed to the correct on-call physician no matter the time of day or night. And because your clients need to talk with someone about concerns, inquires, and appointment changes.

Answer United is HIPPA compliant so you’ll never have to worry about your patients’ information. Whether you run a doctor’s office, a hospital, a counseling center, or a dentist’s clinic in Fort Myers, Florida, Answer United could be the solution you need to help your practice succeed.

As part of our five-star answering services, Answer United can:

  • Set up a voice messaging service for patients when they need to request appointment changes or prescription refills.
  • Provide an on-call management system that lets you update on-call schedules from any location.
  • Route patients to the correct on-call physician.
  • Provide instant direct messages for urgent needs through cell phone messaging, SMS, PDA, IM, or a pager.

Whatever your needs are, we have professionally trained experts that will compassionately and promptly respond to your Fort Myers, Florida patients.

Providing Quality Answering Services Across All Industries

At Answer United, we know how to work with businesses across industries ranging from medical and health care to property management, HVAC, veterinarians, government offices, legal services, electricians, and much more.

The size of your Fort Myers, Florida business doesn’t matter so much as the needs you have. We can come alongside you and provide solutions for solopreneurs, small family-run businesses, all the way up to large corporations and large medical practices. Since we have expert professionals that work for businesses around the clock, we can provide the type of coverage you need.

Small and growing businesses in Fort Myers, Florida appreciate Answer United because they can have the ability to provide full answering services even if they’re not ready to hire full-time staff. Larger businesses and corporations in Fort Myers, Florida like us because they know our professionals will interact with their customers in a professional, courteous manner that keeps the professional feel of the company front and center.

Added Value Services for Fort Myers, Florida Businesses

The way we see it, an answering service provider should offer much more than live call answering. That’s why we provide a wide range of added-value services. Do you wish your customers could speak with someone about ordering a product or get questions answered? That’s what we can do on your behalf with our live webchat. Would you like to keep your overflowing inbox cleaned up and tidy? With our email reading and response, we can respond to your customer and keep your inbox clean.

Do you need help desk services for your customers? Answer United can provide that, too!

Call us today and let’s see how we can help you out!