The Experienced Answering Service Your Business Needs

Every business’s success partially hinges on its ability to provide timely customer service.  If your business is like most, you have a couple receptionists who answer the phone during regular business hours.  Take a moment to imagine how much more money you could make if someone were available to take incoming phone calls and field other inquiries when your business is closed.  Tap into the power of Answer United’s Buffalo answering service and it won’t take long for your revenue to grow.

There is a common misconception that a Buffalo answering service will be staffed by uninformed individuals looking to take messages and provide minimal information.  On the contrary, our Buffalo answering service is staffed by informed customer service representatives who are eager to help customers and potential customers.

You can even provide our live answering service team with a script to follow when interacting with your callers by phone, email, live chat or another medium.  We answer calls quickly and with a friendly response, setting the stage for a mutually beneficial interaction that boosts your bottom line.

24/7 Call Answering Done Right

Put your faith in our Buffalo answering service and you will rest easy knowing someone will be available to take incoming calls on your behalf.  There is a significant difference between answering the phone to help customers solve problems and simply taking a message.  Though our team is willing to take messages on your behalf, we are capable of so much more.  Tell us how you would like our Buffalo answering service to respond to calls and other incoming communications and we will provide service exactly as you desire.

All in all, our customer service representatives have more than six decades of experience.  We strictly hire and train qualified individuals who genuinely look forward to helping clients’ customers so their businesses can grow.  Our 24/7 Buffalo answering service works out of a state-of-the-art facility that ensures each call and other incoming form of communication is handled in a reliable and professional manner.  In fact, we have even earned accolades for our elite service.  As an example, the Answer United team is proud of winning the International Award of Excellence provided by The Association of TeleServices.

A large part of success is our willingness to work ‘round the clock, answering calls and other incoming inquiries morning, day and night.  We provide 24-hour call answering seven days a week to help your business answer customer questions and address concerns.  Unlike in-house receptionists at your business, our team does not require coffee breaks, sick days, vacation or costly benefits.

Clear and Cogent Communication

When it comes to call answering services, most business owners and managers assume the customer service employees that represent their business will be based in a foreign nation.  We do things differently here at our Buffalo answering service.  Our customer service representatives are based in the United States, meaning your incoming calls will be answered by a friendly voice in clear English.  Our fluent English speakers look forward to engaging your customers as well as potential customers in conversation to address concerns, answer questions and provide additional information.

Data Security for an Invaluable Peace of Mind

Your data is central to your business’s success as well as your value offering.  We go to great lengths to protect client data, ultimately ensuring the data of clients is also protected.  Our Buffalo answering service is both HIPAA and PCI compliant as well as ISO27001 certified.  This compliance and certification ensures your business’s data is well-protected at all times.

Service for as Long as You Desire

Rely on our Buffalo answering service to field your calls and other incoming communications and you won’t have to make a long-term commitment.  We provide service for as long as you desire.  Simply tell us the type of service you are looking for, provide us with a script to follow and we will tailor our customer interactions to your unique preferences.

Assistance Beyond Phone Calls

Our team is here to answer the phone on your behalf.  However, answering calls is not the full extent of our services.  We also provide additional assistance through email, live chats, instant messages, social media messaging and more.

Our customer facing dashboard integrates into client websites for mutually beneficial interactions that don’t force customers to bounce away from your homepage or contact page.  This high-tech approach to customer service ensures we can interact with your customers in real-time by transmitting messages in the most convenient manner possible.

Contact Answer United Today

Our Buffalo answering service is here to help your business reach the next level.  You can find out more about our answering service by reaching out to us.  Give us a call at 800-937-5900 or complete our online contact form for more information about our Buffalo answering service.