Answer United now Serves Businesses Throughout Allentown, Pennsylvania

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was always available to take and make phone calls on behalf of your Allentown business?  Answer United’s call center services does exactly that.  We serve businesses of all different types and sizes spanning a litany of niches and industries throughout Allentown, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.  If you own or manage a business, you will greatly benefit form our Allentown answering service.

The Professional Allentown Answering Service Your Business Needs

Your business’s responsiveness shapes its perception as well as its success.  Clients, colleagues and others who reach out to your company should be able to interact with an actual human being without calling your office over and over again.  Our Allentown answering service ensures everyone looking for information from your company gets that information through timely and responsive service.  This is the five-star professional call answering every local business needs.

Put your faith in our dedicated staff to answer your incoming calls and we will answer customer questions, address concerns, troubleshoot and help in additional ways.  In fact, our team can even expand your services if you provide us with the information necessary to do so.  Our goal is to enhance your customer service to the point that it makes a significant positive impact on your bottom line.  Our answering service is affordable, responsive and reliable.  We even go to the extent of answering calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comprehensive Customer Service

If your Allentown business is like most others, it has partially shifted away from traditional in-office calls to service provided at remote locations, complicating the challenge of customer service all the more.  Instead of attempting to juggle incoming and outgoing calls through employees working at remote locations, rely on our consolidated call answering service.  We provide receptionist service, troubleshooting, after hours assistance and more.  This is the comprehensive customer service all Allentown businesses need to provide prompt and effective customer support.

The end result is a business that runs that much more efficiently, providing customers with responsive service in a timely and friendly manner.  We have more than 300 employees available to answer customer inquiries, meaning those who reach out to your company via phone won’t wait long or at all to speak to an actual human being.

An Answering Service Boosts Your Company’s Image

Our Allentown answering service enhances your company’s image in Allentown and neighboring communities.  We take pride in answering incoming calls, solving customer problems and retaining their business on your behalf.

The overarching goal of our service is to boost the perception of your business to the point that those who pay for your value offering are enthused to return for additional products/services and also recommend your company to others in Allentown and beyond.  Instead of paying through the nose for a costly marketing campaign, opt for responsive call answering through Answer United and we will answer your calls, schedule appointments, manage your calendar and help solve customer problems.

Service Tailored to Your Business

Your company’s customer service should not be exactly the same as that of another Allentown business.  After all, your value offering is unique and your customers have nuanced questions, concerns and problems.  Provide our team with the information necessary to help your customers and we will personalize service as requested.

You can even provide a script for our team to use when interacting with customers and other relevant parties.  Feel free to add keywords and specific phrases to those scripts so our team can provide consistent service that aligns with your company’s overarching brand and mission.

Recognize the Value of an Answering Service

There is a common misconception that an Allentown answering service strictly answers incoming calls with a bot-like script and is incapable or unwilling to provide additional value.  The truth is Answer United does plenty more than answer calls based on a script.

We return phone calls, respond to messages, help customers solve problems related to your products or services and ultimately provide an invaluable peace of mind.  We are even willing to interact with customers through mediums of communication aside from phones.  If a customer desires a response via email, social media direct message, text message, live chat or another avenue, we will provide exactly that.  This is the type of flexibility you simply do not find with most other Allentown answering services.

24/7 Service

Our team is available around the clock to answer customer inquiries, regardless of whether your brick-and-mortar location is open at the time the call is made.  This responsiveness and flexibility enhances customer rapport with your business and also bolsters your company’s reputation throughout the greater Allentown area.  Our high-quality customer service motivates your customers to remain loyal to your business and also inspires them to recommend your products/services to others in Allentown and surrounding communities.