Free Yourself from the Phone by Hiring a Telephone Answering Service

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If you were to look at a typical day in your small office, you would soon discover that much of your time is spent answering the telephone. Rather than being able to concentrate on business proposals, write contracts or perform other important functions, you often spend hours on the phone. Instead of being tied up on the phone when you have other things to do, you can hire a telephone answering service to handle your inbound phone calls.

Get More than Just Telephone Answering With Your Answering Service

You may find it difficult to get your telephone answering service to do more than just answer your phone calls. However, when you use our solutions here at Answer United, we provide more services than just answering the telephone. We can provide absentee reporting, virtual office support, appointment and event scheduling, order entry, web site chat support, technical support, and call center solutions. We have been providing solutions for companies of all different sizes for over 45 years.