A Property Management Answering Service Takes Phone Call at All Times of Day or Night

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When you want to make additional money to your regular employment, you can look into purchasing rental properties. Renting out apartments, houses and duplexes allows you to establish additional money you can use for vacations, to pay off bills, or buy more rental properties. You should also look at hiring a property management answering service to take phone calls when you are not available, as well as after hours for emergency situations.

Property Management Answering Service Does More Than Just Take Phone Messages

In addition to taking messages from your incoming phone calls, a property management answering service, like us here at Answer United provides other solutions. Our skilled agents can act as your own virtual leasing agents by providing interested prospects with information about available units, amenities and other features available at your properties. They can even initiate the leasing process by emailing or faxing your lease application and setting an appointment in your office.