Appointment Scheduling Using a Physician Answering Service

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Running your own medical practice requires that you hire different employees to help run the operation. You will need trained nurses on hand to provide assistance with patients. You will need a receptionist to check patients in, take insurance information, process payments, schedule appointments and answer the phone. When you want to take part of the responsibilities off your receptionist, you can use a physician answering service to handle incoming phone calls and schedule appointments. 

Receive After Hours Calls With a Physician Answering Service

When you want the ability to take phone calls after hours from your patients and provide them access to a live person, then you need to use a physician answering service. You can leave instructions for emergency situations so the answering service can call or page you directly. For less serious cases, you can have the answering service schedule an appointment for your patient to see them in the office the following day. You can get these solutions and more when you use Answer United for your answering service.