A New York Answering Service Lets Your Business Run 24/7

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Operating your business in New York City will require that you be available at all different hours throughout the day and night. While this may not be possible or practical from a business standpoint, there are solutions that will enable you to provide 24/7 phone support. When you use a New York answering service, you have a live person answering your phones every single day of the week at all times. You can also have the answering service provide customer support and technical support, or take care of basic administrative services.

New York Answering Service Answers Inbound Phone Calls 

Many global organizations have offices based in New York City. These global operations require employees and support staff to be available at all different hours of the day, as phone calls can come from around the globe. You can use a New York Answering Service, like Answer United, to handle all of your inbound phone calls   following custom scripts that you provide. This solution can resolve many staffing issues at the office.