A Medical Answering Service Lets You Respond to Your Patients after Hours

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Being able to respond to your patients’ needs after hours is important when they have emergencies. You can utilize a medical answering service to take your patients’ phone calls and choose from different messaging options. Emergency calls can be routed to your cell phone for immediate response, whereas less critical issue can be delivered via text message. You can even have the answering service schedule patient appointments to see patients the next day in your office.

Finding a Medical Answering Service Which Fits the Size of Your Healthcare Facility

Finding a medical answering service for any size healthcare office or facility is important when so that your individual needs and requirements are met correctly. Here at Answer United we provide a wide variety of solutions for all different sizes of organizations. Whenever you need someone to answer your call during normal business hours, take care of appointment scheduling, or be available when your office is closed we are here to help. We only bill you for the actual time you use and never require you to use any services you do not require.