Major Types of Answering Services

With the help of the answering service providers, you can now remain accessible to your clients 24X7. Consumer is King and one call missed from a consumer, could have just cost you this quarter’s profits. In today’s time where businesses have become so robust, you have to make sure that you answer each and every call from the customer and respond them appropriately. In such a scenario, lot of answering service providers have mushroomed in the recent past offering various type of answering services.

Today, it can become hard for all those who run a business to keep an eye on all of the facets. Especially having to attend calls in addition to the business that is being run can become a little bit of a hassle. In today’s age where e-commerce is the new way people do businesses, answering service is the only possible human touch companies give to their clients. Not being able to respond to a client appropriately or not being able to answer at all may prove to be hazardous for businesses. Hence, you need to hire a professional answering service provider that takes care of the calls, while you focus on other aspects. Here are some of the major types of answering services provided by these professionals.

Call Center Services:
This service is for those who need 24 hour answering service and are managing a large pool of existing and prospective clients. You need to make sure your business is running 24X7. Especially if your business is global, hiring a call center service becomes a must. The services provided under this generally include order taking, appointment setting for hospitals and health care institutes, website order support for e-commerce companies, inbound telemarketing for your global clients, data management, lead generation etc.


Emergency Dispatch Service:
This is especially designed for clinics, hospitals and health care institutes. In times of crisis, patients need expert assistance immediately. A doctor cannot be available 24X7 on call and in such times it is this service which helps your clients and patients get immediate response. Moreover, tele communicators here are well-trained to handle any emergency and only forward those calls to you or to your representatives, which are urgent or critical. This ensures, you only handle critical and urgent calls and do what you do best –treat patients. Every call is recorded and accessible to you from a portal from anywhere in the world.


After hours answering service:
You may shut down but why make your clients wait for you to open up. These answering service providers do business for you while you sleep. This is especially for those who do not want to invest in a full-fledged call center service but would still like their clients to be handled when they have shut down in the evening. The tele communicators customize the welcome message or other such important messages according to your requirement. After hours answering service can be a boon for small and medium enterprises.

Overflow answering service:
Do you know that more than 60% of the callers don’t call you back if you don’t answer them the first time? This service ensures that you never miss a call from your customers next time. So even if you have staff to handle the calls, it is always good to have a back-up by hiring overflow answering service that will ensure that no calls are missed and all the overflow calls are handled by the professionals.

There are host of companies offering answering service in USA. So whether, you are looking for Michigan answering service or California answering service, look for one that has good credibility, and the experience required to handle your clients successfully.