List Of Professions Which Require Telephone Answering Services

The benefits of hiring telephone answering services are numerous. Besides ensuring that your calls are answered promptly, telephone answering services help you save money, time and energy so that you can invest them in taking the more important decisions of your business. Any kind of business that involves offering services can benefit from telephone answering services. The following article list a few. Read on to know.

Numerous businesses have discovered the many benefits of telephone answering services, the primary and most prominent being increased flow of leads that help grow the business.

Let’s understand the impact of not being able to answer phones.

A potential client calls up your office number for a business alliance proposal and reaches the answering machine, voicemail or even worse the call rings out instead of being able to talk to someone from your organization. What would be the first impression he’d have about your business? Certainly not a good one. Now this can happen multiple times a day to your potential customers thus incurring significant losses for your business.

If you’d say you’ve hired a receptionist to attend your calls, that’s far from sufficient. He/ she is only human and may miss out on calls, especially during the peak working hours. Moreover, studies have shown that 70% of the callers don’t leave a message on the answering machine or the voicemail, which isn’t healthy for your business. This is where telephone answering services can help.

Contrary to the common perception that telephone answering services are an extravagance that’s meant for the biggies, these services can help grow your business and save your money too. Hiring live telephone answering services is an efficient way to save time, provide better services to your customers and best of all, save money. Let’s take a look at the advantages that telephone answering services have to offer.

Benefits of telephone answering services

  • Your phone calls are handled in an efficient way. There can be hundreds of calls you receive throughout the day and for different reasons. What’s more, all of them may not even be meant for you to handle, for instance, electrician asking for the direction to your office, which can be easily handled by your receptionist. With telephone answering services, your calls get answered aptly providing assistance where possible or transferring the call over to the concerned person.
  • Your calls get answered even during the the off hours thereby ensuring you’re not making your customers wait. If there’s assistance available anytime a customer calls your office, he’d be happy with your services and therefore spread his experience with others as well. Now this would make a world of difference for your business, thus helping it grow.
  • You get to reap the benefits of 24X7 customer service at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise have to incur if you had to hire people to attend customer calls round the clock for you.

10 Professions that can benefit from telephone answering services

1. Lawyers
2. Dentists
3. Beauticians
4. Hair stylists
5. Travel companies
6. Jewelers
7. Home security services
8. Plumbing agencies
9. Restaurants
10. Hotels

Attending calls throughout the day while also offering their services can become quite challenging for professionals such as lawyers, doctors, salons & grooming services and the like. By using telephone answering services they can ensure that all their calls are attended thus getting more business than they would, if they had to attend all those calls themselves. They can also ensure that their customers can book appointments easily and don’t have to try for days before they would get connected.

As for the small business like hotels, restaurants, plumbing agencies, travel companies, jewelry companies, home security services and the like, this can help them by handling their existing customers grievances and complaints. By using telephone answering services, these small businesses can also ensure that none of their potential clients are lost because they weren’t able to attend the call for some other important reason. Booking appointments and taking orders gets simpler and efficient using telephone answering services.

Conclusively, while it can be a great advantage for your business to opt for telephone answering services, it’s also important that the service provider be chosen carefully. There are numerous telephone answering service providers out there but all of them aren’t as well equipped and trained to handle your business’ nitty-grittys and choosing the wrong one would mean compromising on your brand’s image. Hence, it’s always best to choose companies that have telephone answering service are their core business. This will ensure they’ll do your work in the best possible way.

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