A Doctors Answering Service Pages Doctors during Emergencies

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When you think about a doctor’s answering service, you might imagine doctors who are in residence at a local hospital. Instead of getting to go home at the end of their shift, they get to spend the night in the hospital. While they have their own room to sleep in, they have to be on call and available whenever an emergency situation
arises. When their assistance is needed the answering service contacts them
either through their cell phone or a pager.

After Hours Appointment Scheduling Is Offered by a Doctors Answering Service

While the primary purpose of using a doctor’s answering service is to respond to emergencies, there are also other reasons to use such a service. Patients might have a non-emergency issue, but do need to see you in the morning. When your office is closed, it can be difficult to make an appointment when they have an issue and need to see you right away. Our answering service, here at Answer United, can provide after hours appointment scheduling to make sure your patients can get in when they need to see you.