Resolve Ringing Telephone Issues with a Business Answering Service

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There is nothing more bothersome than a ringing telephone – especially when you are already on another call or helping a customer. You do not want to be rude to your customer, who is right in front of you, to have to make them wait to answer a ringing telephone. The same is true if you are already on one phone call, where you do not want to ask the caller to hold just to answer another line. You can avoid both of these issues when you use our business answering service.

You Decide How Your Calls Are Handled by a Business Answering Service

You can decide how you want your phone calls answered and handled by our business answering service. You can have us answer your phone lines when you are busy and unable to answer the phone. You could have us answer you phone lines on nights, weekends, and anytime your business is not open, so you never miss a phone call. Here at Answer United, you to decide how you want us to handle your phone calls by selecting the level of customer service you want us to provide your callers.