Answering Service Support for Property Management

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Providing after-hours access for residents of your property is important because things can and do go wrong. You will want to know when heating or air conditioning units fail to operate or a resident’s refrigerator goes out. One way your residents can reach you at any time is when you use an answering service. Rather than having to leave a message on a machine, they are greeted by a live operator who can then contact on-call maintenance and inform them of the problem.

Answering Service Allows You to Choose Delivery Methods

When you select an answering service, you have the ability to choose how you want your messages delivered. You can have the service take messages and then send them to you by e-mail or text message. You may even choose to have the service route calls directly to people within your organization and have callers leave messages on that person’s voice mail. You can choose the specific types of answering methods that suit your needs when you use Answer United.