A California Answering Service Provides 24 x 7 Phone Coverage

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In this day and age, many different types of businesses need to offer 24 x 7 phone coverage. Switching to providing support beyond normal business hours is important when you have customers all across the country, as well as internationally. Since your customers will be in different time zones, they will be calling early in the morning before you open or late into the night after you are closed. You never have to worry about missing a call when you are using a California Answering Service.

Get Live Telephone Operators When You Use a California Answering Service

Many of today’s phone systems are complicated to navigate and require callers to sit through listening to different menu options in order to make a selection. Eventually once they finish their selections, they are then placed on hold or told to leave a message. Instead of getting placed on hold, or a voice mail box, your callers get a real live operator, when you use a California answering service, like us here at Answer United. There are no complicated phone trees to navigate and our operators answer calls within three rings.