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Don’t underestimate the power of a friendly, professional voice guiding your clients. Choose Answer United’s answering service in Oregon now!

You get one opportunity to create a first impression. But what if your client calls you and is irked by the lengthy wait times? What if they call your company’s number and everybody is too busy to respond? What if the answering service is automated and lacks the ‘human’ friendly touch?

You wouldn’t be making quite a positive impression then. Would you?

That’s the reason why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of call center and telephone answering service in Oregon. These services, when chosen appropriately will help your business prosper, ensure that you have more time for strategically building plans for your company’s growth instead of answering every random call you get.

At Answering United, we pride in providing our clients with customized range of services, ensuring that they are represented in the best manner possible. Not only do we offer our clients with customized packages, live answering services or call center benefits, we also ensure that only professionals handle everything. So, when somebody calls anytime of the day, they hear a friendly voice with professional acumen welcoming them and sorting their queries.

Using the right telephone answering service like ours is one of the best ways to enjoy several benefits such as-

Cost Efficiency

Our services are cost-effective when compared to full time receptionists and full time call center operators. You pay for the number of calls you receive. In fact, you can easily save up to 80 percent of your costs on answering services.

Never Miss an Opportunity

When a client disconnects a call due to length wait times, you miss an opportunity. But not anymore! Depending on the size and requirements of your company, we assign required number of professionals to your case. Therefore, you never miss an important call and make the best with increased business opportunities.

Selling Your Products

When your company is more organized, when your clients are happier and when you don’t have to worry about the answering service in Oregon, you can focus on your business. So, in the end, your business is less about handling those calls and more about meeting clients, keeping up with appointments, selling your products and growing your company!

Emergency Services

Since Answer United handles various types of clients, you can easily get emergency services, such as medical services or repairing requests. This allows your clients to get the services when they need them, while your customer base increases significantly.

Here are some of the cities we serve:

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