Supplying Expert New York Answering Service Solutions to New York Businesses

If you run any kind of business in New York, NY, you know how stressful keeping up with customer service needs can be. There are phone calls to make, calls to return, emails to read and respond to, order entry to perform, and interested clients to schedule for meetings. But between the meetings you already have, the planning sessions required to advance your business, team strategy sessions, and working on production, who has time to respond to customer communications?

Customer relations, however, is a critical part of your New York, NY, business, and keeping up with customer queries, interest, and communications is vital. That’s where Answer United can step in to help. We can take the heavy burden of customer communication needs off your shoulders and make sure you stay at the top of your game.

24/7 Customer Service Solutions for New York, NY

At Answer United, we offer around-the-clock answering services for your New York, NY, business. Are you worried that you’re missing after-hours orders? We can handle that. Want to provide a 24/7 help desk for your customers and clients? Answer United has the solution for that.

Answering service has come a long way in the options available to help your business. We can keep your business running around the clock with a wide variety of 24/7 services including call answering, call forwarding, message taking, order submission, email responding, and more.

Whether you’re a New York, NY, business with one hundred employees, or you’re a solopreneur, we can come alongside you and provide a custom range of options to ensure you stay operational all hours of the day and night.

Professional New York, NY, Medical Answering Services

Do you operate a hospital, doctor’s office, or other medical office and need an answering service for your patients or clients? We work with medical offices across the nation from hospitals to counseling centers. What can we do for you?

We can answer questions patients have, fulfill order or scheduling requests, and provide them with information regarding your services, operating hours, and payment information. Thanks to our HIPPA compliance, you can rest secure knowing that your client’s information is always kept secure and private.

Answer United offers a wide variety of answering service options to meet the unique needs of your New York, NY, practice such as instant direct messaging through the phone, SMS, IM, PDA, or pager. With our on-call scheduling system, we’ll ensure that every call will be responded to by the correct physician every time.

We can also provide you with voice messaging services with customizable messages that seamlessly direct your patients to the right department when requesting prescription refills, changing appointments, and receiving information on billing and insurance. Best of all, callers with urgent needs can instantly bypass voicemail selections and speak directly with one of our professional call agents.

Answering Services for Every Need

At Answer United, we have a wide range of answering service solutions for all types of business needs. We serve New York, NY, industries and businesses such as medical offices, funeral homes, consulting and counseling firms, home health care and hospice centers, HVAC companies, government offices, and more. We are proud to help a wide variety of businesses by coming up with customized solutions and plans for answering services that fit their specific needs.

Answer United can provide 24/7 order fulfillment for your customers, so you’ll never miss another order again. With our credit card verification and authorization software, a customer’s credit information is verified and instantly secured. If there are product questions, we can ensure our agents have your available inventory, offered products or services, and information such as color, size, price, and availability directly on-screen while taking orders.

Do you want to provide a help desk or website chat support? Answer United answering service experts are available to provide around-the-clock assistance to your customers and answer questions, provide answers and support with customized scripts, and ensure each customer is provided with the kind of service you’d want to receive yourself.

Professional Answering Service Solutions for New York, NY Businesses

At Answer United, we are proud to provide professional answering service solutions to businesses across the nation. We understand what it takes to run a business and stay on top of customer service needs. That is why we offer so many solutions such as seminar and event registration, email reading and response, order fulfillment, appointment setting, call answering, and more.

When your customers and clients talk to one of our professional answering service representatives, they will always be treated with courtesy and professionalism and they’ll never be put on hold to answer another call. For our Answer United agents, your customers are their number one priority.

We strive to present a personal and professional front for your New York, NY, business, always providing the best in customer service to your customers, and enabling you to do what you do best: run your business.