Text a team, group, shift, plant, or entire company, the same coordinated message instantly. This feature can work in tandem with Answer United’s Voice Broadcasting or Check In Line, or it can work on its own.

Text broadcasting, or mass texting, is a method of sending SMS messages to thousands of contacts at the same time. While texting helps businesses communicate with their target audience, text broadcasting saves considerable time and effort by allowing them to broadcast one consistent message to hundreds or thousands of employees.

You may wonder, can I broadcast a message to all my employees? Yes, if they have consented to receiving text messages from you. Answer United is very familiar with the guidelines that you must follow. The most important rule is that you can only send text messages to people who have opted in. This can be done via text to join, web opt-in forms or paper forms that employees sign upon employment.

Once your employees have opted in, our service also includes the mandatory opt out verbiage at the bottom of each text message. If the employee opts out at any time, we will no longer be able to send them text communications.

If you feel overwhelmed by sending a text broadcast, don’t stress, we have made it simple. The first step you do in our platform is choose what group you want to send the message to, whether it be a small group of managers, a specific plant, or the entire employee list.

Once you choose your distribution group, it’s quite simple to draft the text right in AU Insight, our proprietary dashboard. You can choose to send the text now, or schedule it to be sent at a specific time of day, or save the draft for later. It’s as simple as sending an email.

Once your text broadcast is deployed, you can quickly see delivery statistics. This shows you how many people received the text, along with other pertinent stats that help you feel comfort in knowing your employees received the communication.

Our largest Fortune 500 companies use our text broadcasting service consistently to keep their employees informed of pertinent information. Text messages are a prompt way to get in front of your employees, so this wonderful service is a real value add of our technology suite. This service along with the many other features of AU insight truly set us apart from our competitors. Schedule a demo today to hear more about our industry leading tech features.