Answer United Helps Businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Succeed

As a Fort Lauderdale, Florida business owner, you understand the importance of being available to your customers throughout the day – and even after you’re closed. But if you don’t have a staff available on a 24/7 basis, who will take after-hours orders, reply to emails, return voicemail messages, and log service requests? These to-do items often become much more than business staff can handle. But rather than leaving customers without a method of reaching you, you can provide them with answering service capabilities around the clock, whether your staff is present or not.

24/7 365 Answering Services Provided by Answer United

When you want your Fort Lauderdale, Florida business to stay open around the clock, what do you do? Do you hire more staff, keep the lights on at the office, and increase your total expenditure and by adding several more paychecks, PTO, health insurance, and tax costs into your budget? Definitely not! You hire Answer United.

At Answer United, we offer around-the-clock answering services to keep your Fort Lauderdale, Florida business open and operating, even when you’re asleep in the middle of the night. We have agents working at all hours so that means you partner with a company that doesn’t sleep, need time for lunch breaks, or require PTO, sick leave, or vacation. And the best part is that you get 24/7 365 coverage for around half of what you would pay for one single full-time employee.

Our professional and trained answering service agents can handle numerous aspects of your Fort Lauderdale, Florida business on your behalf whether you want us to cover peak hours or provide around-the-clock coverage. Our answering services include options like:

        Call answering
        Order entry
        Help desk services
        Event registrations
        And much more

We are proud to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across the United States to help them keep their businesses operating around the clock. Never miss another order entry or event attendee again when you have our professional answering service agents partner with your Fort Lauderdale, Florida business.

Customizable Answering Services for Fort Lauderdale, Florida Businesses

At Answer United, we have over fifty years of experience working with all types of businesses. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that every business is different when it comes to answering service needs. Some businesses require a customized voicemail answering system to direct customers or clients to the correct department quickly and efficiently. Other businesses want voicemail plus live call answering. Still, other businesses find that our help desk or live web chat services are just the things they need. What answering services could your Fort Lauderdale, Florida business benefit from?

When Answer United partners with your Fort Lauderdale, Florida business to provide answering services, we work directly with you to come up with a custom solution and a plan that directly addresses your specific needs. We’ll also work with you to create custom messages, a script our answering service agents will use when speaking with your customers, and a plan that works with your needs and budget.

Our experienced call center agents are professionally trained to speak with your customers and clients in a professional, friendly manner. They can use scripts, phrases, and key wording that you prefer so they sound exactly like they’re in your office. Your Fort Lauderdale, Florida customers are sure to appreciate speaking with someone every time they call. You’re sure to love the efficiency of our voicemail systems. And we know you’ll love having your email inbox kept clear and tidy thanks to our email reading and response option.

No matter what answering services you need, Answer United can create a custom plan just for you. And the best part is that you only pay when we’re actively working for you. We are always on call, but we only charge for the time we are emailing, messaging, and speaking with customers on your behalf.

Premier Medical Answering Service Solutions for Fort Lauderdale, Florida Medical Practices

If you work in the medical field, you know that patients want to reach you when they have a question, concern, or problem. But you also face the difficulty of being available when you’re always seeing patients or when your office staff needs to leave on lunch breaks or at the end of the day. With Answer United, you can have an around-the-clock virtual secretary that can:

        Answer patient calls
        Provide appointment reminders
        Direct patients to the on-call physician
        Answer questions about your practice
        Route callers to billing or scheduling departments
        And more

Whatever your need may be, Answer United can provide services and stand in the gap. And, since we are fully HIPPA compliant, you’ll never have to wonder if your patient’s information is safe.

Give us a call today and let’s see how Answer United can help you!