Upgrade to a Better Boston Answering Service

Running a business means you deal with customer inquiries, complaint calls, meeting requests, appointments, emails, voicemails, and more. Today, there are multiple channels for customers to reach out to businesses. While this can be good, communications from all of these mediums can place a strain on your employees and business.  

Businesses find it difficult to keep up with the crazy amount of communications coming at them. Some Boston businesses pull employees from their regular jobs to handle email or voicemail. The issue with this is that it decreases their regular output. Some companies share the burden among several employees; however, the multitasking creates an opportunity for errors on their real jobs. All in all, these problems are areas of frustration for many businesses. At Answer United, these problems are what we strive to solve.

Our Boston Call Center Keeps Businesses Running 24/7

At Answer United, we’re here to help solve your answering service problems. Overwhelmed with emails? We can take that on. Getting so many calls you can’t answer them all? We can deal with that. Inefficient voicemail system that’s leaving customers frustrated and more than a little annoyed? We can help you solve that, too.

We offer customized solutions to address the issues that your business experiences daily. Why? We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution because we know that each business is different. We’ll work with you to solve your problems and find solutions that fit your needs.

No matter which combination of services we come up with, we’ll keep your Boston business running around the clock. Our answering service professionals are on call for you any time day or night, 365 days of the year. We don’t take breaks, leave on vacation, or turn up absent. When you hire Answer United, we partner with your business and become an extension of your office.

Answer United Provides Boston Answering Service Solutions

Some answering services only provide call answering. At Answer United, we go farther and provide numerous value-added services to benefit your business. Because we understand that your Boston business may need more than call answering services. That’s why we offer answering services including:

        Call Answering
        Email Reading and Response
        Voicemail System Setup
        Order Taking
        Help Desk Services
        Website Chat Services
        Absentee Reporting
        Appointment Scheduling
        And much more!

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of services to meet the needs of Boston businesses. Our trained answering service professionals will greet your customers, clients, and fellow employees in a professional, courteous, and knowledgeable manner.

Whether we’re taking orders for your customers after your office is closed, providing troubleshooting through our help desk service, or scheduling appointments for clients, we’ll always represent your company well. If you want a professional, polished, and friendly answering service that serves as an extension of your Boston business, look no further than Answer United.

Medical Answering Services in Boston

Do you run a doctors’ office, hospital, chiropractor’s office, or counseling center? Would you like to free up your receptionists during peak hours, ensure that patients can reach you even when you’re not there, and provide hassle-free appointment reminders? Answer United can do all of this, and more. And the best part is that our center and professionally trained agents are HIPPA compliant, so you’ll never have to wonder if your patients’ information is safe.

We can provide a wide variety of medical answering services including:

On-Call Services: We will forward urgent messages to the proper on-call physician.

On-Call Scheduling: We can provide you with a scheduler so you can update on-call physician schedules on the go and ensure the right person is messaged every time.

Message Delivery: We will deliver messages via your preferred method from SMS, IM, and text to PDA, fax, voicemail, web retrieval, or even via a live agent.

Appointment Scheduling: We can schedule and reschedule appointments for your Boston, Massachusetts location and handle other routine needs that any receptionist could handle.

Answer United Provides Quality Answering Service in Boston, MA

No matter what type of answering services you need, Answer United has the solution. We work with businesses of all types and sizes in industries across the United States. Our professional answering service agents have experience working with medical offices, property management firms, counseling centers, home health care and hospice, funeral homes, government offices, attorneys and legal services, and more.

Whether you’re business is small or large, brand-new or well-established, Answer United is here to help your Boston business succeed. Contact us today to get a customized quote.