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Looking for an absentee service? We have you covered. As one of the nation’s largest absentee service providers, we work with company’s of all sizes. From Fortune 500 to an average size business, we have the right package for you. Best part yet, we have affordable cost solutions for your absentee challenges. We get it, employee’s call off, the burden becomes too big at some point. You need an employee call off service. We are going to briefly describe the service and compare two options for the service, live absentee reporting service vs. automated absentee reporting service.

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How it Works:


Employee Calls Into Phone Number (Phone Number Cards Available)


Answer United Answers Line & Provides Questions that Employee Answers


Customized Questions: Employee ID, Absent/Late, Absence Reason, Many Others Optional


Verification Code is Given to Employee & Manager is notified. (Email/Text is Sent)

An Automated Absentee Reporting (AAR) service is a type of answering service that is specifically designed to handle employee absences. Our Automated Absentee Service uses a phone system and an online portal to allow employees to report their absences.

The AAR Service works by providing employees with a toll-free number where they can report their absence. The employees can either interact with an automated system . The system then captures the employee’s information, such as name, department, and reason for absence, and forwards it to the appropriate person or department within the company.

The AAR service can be configured to suit the specific needs of the company. For example, the system can be set up to automatically send emails or text messages to supervisors or managers when an employee reports an absence.

The AAR service can also provide management with real-time reports of employee attendance, which can be useful for scheduling purposes. This can also help reduce the administrative burden on the human resource department, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Overall, an Automated Absentee Reporting service is a useful tool for businesses of all sizes to handle employee absences and schedule changes efficiently and accurately. It can automate the process of capturing employee information, and forwarding it to the appropriate person, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce.

On the other hand, a live absentee reporting service is very similar to the automated in terms of it’s functionality. It still captures the basic information that we discussed, name, reason for absence, etc. The main difference is you have a live agent. A live agent is helpful when a business doesn’t have a clean list of employee data, for a company that may have higher turnover for instance.  Additionally, a live agent is always nice for employees to have on the phone as it feels more personal. Many of our clients prefer the live agent vs. the automated for those phone calls where there is more information needed than what can be placed in a picklist of sorts.

Features Live Absentee Service Automated Absentee Service
24/7 Availability to Track Employee Absences X X
Custom Introductory Greetings X X
Immediate Email and/or Text Verification Code X X
Immediate Email and/or Text to Managers X X
English & Spanish Languages Available X X
Ability to Accept Caller Not In Database X X
Robust Dashboard & Reports X X
Data Feed Capabilities into CRM Optional Optional
Import Employees Information Optional Required
Touch Tone or Speech Recognition Live Agent X
Lower Cost X
High-Capacity Local / Toll-Free Numbers X
Access to Call Recordings X
Enterprise Script Options (Decision Trees) X
Complex Dispatching Options (Backfilling) X

Whatever option you choose, having a absentee service or employee call off service is a wonderful thing to have. It saves your business time and money. It keeps all of your data in a comprehensive dashboard, which is easy for many users to access. It provides instance text and/or email messages to your supervisors/managers when an employee is going to be absent or late.  The benefits are numerous, and the cost is nominal. Every business should be using this service!

Please contacts us with further questions on our live absentee reporting service or our automated absentee reporting service!

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