Professional Answering Services in Columbus, OH for Every Business

No matter the size of business you run in Columbus, OH, you’ve likely experienced the overwhelming amount of customer communications that need to be addressed each day. Ignore it for too long and soon you’ll find orders piling up, questions unaddressed, requests for information unattended, and appointment scheduling delayed.

At Answer United, we help Columbus, OH, businesses tackle these common areas by providing a virtual assistant that’s available around the clock for you and your customers. By utilizing our professional answering services, your clients are provided with 24/7 answering and the ability to reach your company any time of day or night. Are you ready to keep your email inbox clean, your appointments neatly scheduled, and collect orders outside of business hours? If so, you’re in the right place!

Answer United Keeps Columbus, OH, Business Operations Flowing

We work with businesses of every size across the nation to help them maintain smooth operations around the clock. Where do you find your Columbus, OH, business struggling? Is it in answering phone calls during operating hours? If so, Answer United can provide call answering services to attend to every one of your customers. When we’re on the job answering phones, you can do what you do best – run your business and attend to important meetings.

Do you wish there was a way to keep your email inbox from piling up with customer and client requests? Answer United has the solution thanks to our email answering service. We can read customer emails and respond to them promptly, ensuring each person is personally served while you maintain a clean inbox and your sanity.

Would you like to offer your customers and potential clients a help desk? Our professional answering service agents can provide that! We can serve your customers at all hours of the day and night and address common issues or questions using a customized script made specifically for your company.

What about web chat support? Answer United can do that, too! Our professional answering service agents can provide 24/7 chat support and answer questions on behalf of your company such as hours of operation, how to order, promotional discounts, and available inventory.

With Answer United, you’ll never have to leave your customers and clients without a way to connect to your Columbus, OH, company ever again.

Always Be Available for Your Medical Patients

In the medical field, availability is a must for your clients and patients. Whether you run a Columbus, OH, hospital, doctor’s office, counseling center, or a therapeutic massage office, availability is key. Equally important, however, is someone that can answer phones with medical knowledge and HIPPA certification. That’s why Answer United specifically trains call center agents to work with Columbus, OH, medical offices.

Our professional answering service agents become well-versed in medical terminology and are trained in HIPPA certified methods for keeping patient information safe. Agents are also trained on how to respond to all issues with compassion, clarity, and swiftness. This ensures that each patient receives the help they need in a timely manner for both urgent and non-urgent matters.

For particularly urgent matters, we can provide instant messaging through the method you prefer through your cell phone, pager, an instant messaging system, SMS, or a PDA. This way, you can swiftly look attend to urgent matters while our call center agents handle everything else. All messages we send or take are queued into a system that allows for easy retrieval at a later time by yourself for review when required.

Answer United can also provide on-call management. With our program, you can instantly update on-call schedules, ensuring that our agents forward the caller to the correct person on-call every time.

Provide Industry-Leading Answering Service for Your Columbus, OH, Company

At Answer United, we’re proud to work with a wide variety of businesses from doctors and lawyers to funeral homes, property management, and counseling firms. If your company needs customized answering services, we can put a package together for you.

Far from only answering the phone, we provide customized voicemail systems, help desk services, live web chat, help desk, order taking, event registration, appointment scheduling, email reading and response, and much, much more!

Many of our Columbus, OH, clients find that a combination of answering services work best for them. Rather than utilizing one service, they combine several to best serve the needs of their customers. In exchange, they find that customers are happier, orders don’t get missed, and overall satisfaction with the company rises over time.

If you want to be a leader in your industry, customer service and support are crucial. Let Answer United partner with your Columbus, OH, business to provide professional answering service. You’ll receive three times the amount of coverage for the price of one full-time staff member. And the best part? You only get charged for the minutes used. That means we’re available 24/7 for your business, but you’ll only pay for minutes actively used helping your customers.

Give us a call today and let’s see how we can partner with you!