Worcester, Massachusetts Answering Service

Think back to the last time you tried to connect with a business with a question, concern or problem pertaining to one of its products or services.  If your call was made after or before regular work hours, it might have been relayed to an automated system.  Plenty of people refuse to leave messages when greeted by a machine as opposed to a person.  As a result, businesses that rely on machines instead of people often lose out on a significant amount of revenue.  Our Worcester answering service is here to ensure your business does not suffer such a fate.

The High-Tech Worcester Answering Service Your Business Needs

The extent of customer service provided by a Worcester answering service is shaped by its investment in technology and also its customer care agents’ skills.  We have invested in our infrastructure as we are aware that reliability and efficiency make the difference between satisfying customers and frustrating them.

Our Worcester answering service features industry-leading technology, multiple phone carrier lines to ensures calls are always answered, battery backups and generator backups.  We continue to add new high-tech features to provide your business with the best possible customer service.

Reliable Customer Service

It isn’t often that you find a Worcester answering service with a high employee retention rate.  Call centers have developed a reputation for high turnover and poor working conditions.  Our Worcester answering service is different.  We thoroughly vet and train new hires, treat them with respect and also provide them with the tools they need to get the job done right.

Instead of outsourcing your calls to another party, we field all calls right here at our call center, providing friendly customer service that convinces your customers to continue paying for your products and services.  We answer the phone every single time, refusing to let even one call go to an automated system.

Save Money Through Outsourcing Incoming Calls

Have you ever added up the total cost of your receptionist and other in-house customer support staff members?  Most in-house receptionists earn $40,000 or more per year.  Add in the cost of health insurance, sick days, vacation, personal time off and other perks and there is even more reason to opt for our Worcester answering service.

Our answering service in Worcester is comparably affordable as we do not require paid days off, vacation, overtime pay or egregiously expensive health insurance.  Simply pay the flat rate for our Worcester answering service and it won’t be long until you notice a spike in sales as well as customer retention.

Put an end to Employee Training for Good

Think back to tall the receptionists and other customer support providers you have trained throughout the years.  Employee training is costly, time consuming and frustrating as it requires the attention of employees who have other responsibilities.

Instead of continuing to train one new receptionist after another, opt for our Worcester answering service and you will be provided with reliable service without worry of us venturing to potentially greener pastures.  We’ll continue to provide you with our award-winning customer service whereas your internal personnel always pose the threat of venturing elsewhere after you have invested a considerable amount of money training them.

Order Taking, Appointment Setting and More

Our team is here to take messages on behalf of your staff members, complete customer orders, set appointments, manage your calendar and provide customer service in other manners.  We even refill prescriptions, troubleshoot problems, answer commonly asked questions and provide an all-encompassing virtual receptionist service.

Our friendly customer care agents tailor conversations with customers and other parties in accordance with your company’s unique information.  Provide us with a script to follow and we will respond to questions and concerns exactly as you want, ensuring we maintain your sterling reputation and also stay true to your brand.

Solutions for Your Unique Industry

The customer service provided to a real estate agency is different from that necessary for a funeral home.  Furthermore, there are all sorts of other different businesses in between these extremes that require nuanced customer service.  Our Worcester answering service is flexible in that we provide customized service for each unique business based on it overarching industry and niche.

Give us an idea of the types of customer questions and challenges that arise in your line of work, provide us with guidance for solving those problems and we will address customer problems exactly as you desire.  We field incoming calls, emails, text messages, social media messages and more for businesses of every type and size.

Contact Answer United Today

A Worcester answering service will present your business in the best possible light, forging new connections with interested prospects and strengthening connections with existing customers.  Give us a call today by dialing 800-937-5900.  You can also schedule a demo to find out more about how our Worcester answering service will add to your bottom line.