Wilkes-Barre Answering Services

As a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania business owner, you understand the importance of being available for customers and clients when they need you. But with so many avenues for customer communication these days, how do you keep up with it all? There’s email and phone calls, in-person queries and web requests, text messages, social media messages, and more. Clearly, you don’t have time to handle it and with your employees already hard at work doing their jobs, it leaves little time to clear up your overflowing inbox, handle the influx of calls during high season, and return all the messages that get left.

That’s where an answering service such as Answer United can step in to help fill the gap, keep your Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania business running smoothly, and keep your customer relations at the top of your game.

Provide Increased Customer Service and Save with Answer United

These days, customers want easy and instant access to the businesses they frequent. That means providing availability over the phone, email, live web chat, and even social media. Thanks to Answer united, you can do this without dramatically increasing your bottom line.

When you have Answer United provide Answering Services for your Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania business, you get the benefit of 24/7 on-call staff ready to answer any customer that calls in, all while costing you less than 1 full-time employee. With Answer United, you don’t have to worry about paid time off, vacation days, sick leave, health insurance, increasing office space, and the many other overhead issues that come with hiring one or two more in-person staff members. And you get three times as much coverage that one employee could provide.

The best part is that you’ll only get charged for the time our answering service agents are actively working for you. That means, when we’re talking with one of your customers, you’ll get charged. But when we aren’t working on your behalf, you won’t get charged at all.

Customize Your Answering Service Offerings for Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Customers

No two businesses are the same and that’s why Answer United offers customizable answering services for your Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania business. Why should you settle for an answering service that answers generically when you could hire Answer United and help your customers feel like they’re talking with someone in your office?

When you hire Answer United, we’ll work with you to create custom scripts so we sound just like you want us to sound. When customers call in, they’ll feel like they’re talking directly to your receptionist.

In addition to customized answering service scripts, we can customize our services to provide just the answering services you need most. Mix and match, combine or choose from services including:

        Live call answer
        Live web chat
        Voicemail systems
        Email read and response

With these various services, our professional answering service agents can perform tasks such as:

        Answering questions about your business
        Answering questions about in-stock items
        Updating order information
        Completing order entry
        Completing event and seminar registration
        Providing help desk services
        Scheduling appointments
        And more

With Answer United, you can choose the services you want to keep your Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania business flowing on a 24/7 basis and save money while you do.

Medical Answering Services with Answer United

If you run a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania medical practice or work in a hospital, you know how critical it is to ensure patients can reach the right person when they need to. Whether they need to adjust their appointment time, request a prescription refill, check the status of lab results, or talk to the on-call physician, getting ahold of the right person right away is critical.

With our customizable voicemail system, on-call scheduler, and live answering, your patients will have every avenue necessary to get ahold of the right department or person when they need it most. All of our medical answering services are fully HIPAA compliant, so you can rest easy, knowing your patient’s information is safe and secure.          

Our customizable voicemail and messaging services let you set up a system to provide your Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania patients with direct routes for:

        Requesting prescription refills
        Scheduling or changing appointments
        Requesting billing and insurance information
        Requesting lab and test results

For urgent callers, our on-call management and instant messaging are especially useful. When you utilize our on-call management system, you can update which physician is on call whether you’re in your Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania office, at home, or away on vacation. Then, when an urgent call comes in, we will direct the caller to the right on-call physician using whichever messaging method you prefer including SMS, text, IM, page, cell phone call, or PDA.

Give us a call today and let’s see how we can help your Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania business to stay on top of customer communications!