Answer United: Your Answering Service in Raleigh, NC

When you’re running a business, you have a lot on your plate and, often, too much to do during the day to worry about answering the phone and keeping your inbox in check. But you can’t ignore customer queries, leave emails unanswered, or ignore your growing customer service question. So, what do you do?

Answer United is proud to provide the solution to communication needs for businesses in Raleigh, NC, and across the United States. Answer United is a key part of many companies and our answering service helps take the burden of communication off of the shoulders of large corporations, startups, and small mom and pop shops. No matter how large your company, we can provide competitive rates and fill gaps in your current communication needs, helping your company to become the best version of itself possible.

First-Class Customer Care for Raleigh, NC Businesses

Providing excellent answering service is critical for businesses today. It’s not enough to have a static website or a customer service line that goes directly to voicemail. To attract customers and clients, and keep the ones you have, you need customer service solutions that provide a method for direct communication with your company.

This is where Answer United can help your Raleigh, NC business. We provide a wide variety of answering service options to help provide continual contact between you and your customer base such as 24/7 call answering, call forwarding, email answering, and more.

If you’re concerned about missing a customer inquiry, failing to capture every possible order, or simply want to beef up the communication systems you have in place, we have the solutions you need.

Every customer or client that calls in and talks to one of our experienced employees will receive a courteous, professional, and helpful response. We use scripts provided by you and always answer by using your company’s name and motto. If you’re looking to improve your image, a healthy dose of professionalism in customer service goes a long way. Answer United can provide that for your Raleigh, NC company with our answering service solutions.

Capture Every Customer Request

Do you want to make sure you’re capturing every customer inquiry or order request? Worried that customers are trying to reach you after hours or online and they’re not getting through because your workload is overwhelming your resources? Answer United can help!


We provide 24/7 call answering and order taking for your Raleigh, NC, business. We can process order entry both over the phone when talking with your customer or through your website. We can even provide 24/7 live chat support for your webpage as part of our answering service.


With live website chat support, you don’t have to worry about missing customers who may not have the time to call your business. We can answer questions about the goods and services you provide, ensure that your customers are given the quality service they need and provide them with a personal touch when they’re searching through your website.

Provide Excellent Medical Answering Services in Raleigh, NC

At Answer United, we’re proud to provide answering service solutions for medical offices, as well. Whether you run a hospital, doctor’s office, a counseling service, or a therapeutic clinic, our professional call center experts can provide 24/7 appointment scheduling, answers to inquiries, and other services.

We know how important it is to keep your Raleigh, NC, customers’ information safe. You can rest assured knowing your clients’ information will always be kept private since we are HIPPA compliant. There will never be any question as to the safety of your clients’ personal data when you use our company to provide answering service solutions.

Customize Your Customer Service Options

At Answer United, we know that there is no truly one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to providing answering service solutions for your Raleigh, NC, business. That’s why we offer a wide variety of fully customizable answering solutions.

We provide customizable voice messaging services, direct messaging for urgent needs, live web chat support, 24/7 call answering, messaging, order taking, and so much more. Many businesses find that a combination of call answering and voice messaging work best. Others decide that call answering and online webchat support fit their needs. Whatever your answering service needs, Answer United has the solution to boost your Raleigh, NC, business communication to keep you at the top of your industry.

Never Miss a Customer’s Message

With Answer United, you never have to miss another customer’s message again. Whether they call your Raleigh, NC, company after hours, during peak business traffic, or reach out over the web, you can rest assured knowing that someone will always be available to ensure their message is received, their questions answered, their orders taken, and your image as a company kept pristine.

From email answering to answering the phone 24/7, your customers will be in the best hands with our expert answering service professionals.