The No. 1 Answering Service in Portland Oregon

Business these days is no longer confined to the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours of the day — it’s a 24/7 endeavor. And we’re not just talking about ensuring that you’re making sales and increasing revenue at all hours of the day, but that you’re answering the phone to meet the needs of your customer base as well. Many companies place a big emphasis on developing leads and creating an exceptional product or service to sell to clients and prospective clients — and rightfully so. But at the same time, many companies don’t spend the necessary resources on other important aspects of their business — like customer service. When your clients have a problem or need to ask a question, they don’t want to wait to do it on your time — they want to do it on their time. And they also want to do it on the communication portal that they’re most comfortable with.

That being said, you can either attempt to hire your own customer service reception staff, which can be expensive, or you can partner with a firm such as Answer United to handle these tasks for you. The latter is often much more convenient, much more affordable and can help take your business to new heights. Read on for more information on why it makes sense to hire an answering service in Portland Oregon and why Answer United can be that partner for your firm.

Why Work With an Answering Service?

A good answering service, such as Answer United, doesn’t just sit behind a desk all day and answer phones. No, a reputable, professional answering service goes above and beyond the call of duty to truly become an extension of the firms that it works with. That’s exactly what we do at Answer United — become a partner to our clients’ firms. We do it by empowering professional agents, investing in their continuous improvement and specializing in the industries of the businesses that we work with. It all adds up to a successful partnership that can help improve customer service, reduce operational bottlenecks and increase revenue.

The Answer United Advantage

Answer United isn’t your typical answering service in Portland Oregon. No, we make it a point to go above and beyond what many other services offer to add value to our clients in immeasurable ways. Here’s a closer look at how we do it:

  • Flexibility: We don’t just meet your clients on their time, but we also work to meet them on the communication portals that they’re using. That is, while we’re always happy to answer phones, we’re also happy to text, email, live chat and direct message over social media networks. We’re here to serve your clients at any hour of the day and over any medium that they’re on and that you choose to communicate with them through.
  • Experts: As we noted in the above section, we strive to become experts in the industry that you operate in and the ways in which your firm operates as well. And noting this, we’re happy to help you write scripts that our agents can follow or collaborate with you on potential directions that a call can go.
  • Absentee reporting: Absentee reporting is one of the biggest pain points for the Human Resources departments of many businesses. We offer both automated and live absentee reporting to help take some of the pressure off your HR department so it can spend more time providing value for your employees.

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