Answer United Helps Philadelphia, PA Businesses Succeed

As a business owner, are you looking for ways to meet customer needs, provide excellent service, and ensure each person who purchases a product or service is happy? If so, keep on reading! At Answer United, we provide around-the-clock services for your Philadelphia, PA business to help you succeed.

Provide Customers with Instant Access

We are living in an increasingly digital era with customers and clients expecting easy and instant access to Philadelphia, PA businesses and answering service options. For large and small companies alike, this can be a real challenge. Not every business is equipped to hire extra staff to man phones, read emails, or provide live chat services on the web. And not every company wants to do those things, either. Hiring more staff means a lot more overhead and expense. Given how much a single new employee costs, it might not be cost-effective to hire more people to fill the gaps you have.

That’s where Answer United can help your Philadelphia, PA company! For less than half of the expense of one full-time employee, you receive three times as much coverage with our answering service. We work for you during all hours of day and night and you don’t have to worry about lunch breaks, vacation pay, or overtime. Best of all, you only get charged for the hours and minutes we’re actively working for you! That means you don’t pay for the time you don’t use, saving you a lot of expense!

Choose Customized Answering Service with Answer United

At Answer United, we work with each individual company to create a customized plan that meets your customer service needs. No two companies are alike and that means each Philadelphia, PA business we work with has different bottleneck points in their operations and gaps in their customer service. We work with you to determine how best to utilize our services.

Are you overwhelmed with emails flooding your inbox with no time to respond to them? We can read and answer emails, leaving you with a clean inbox and satisfied customers.

Are you tired of scheduling so many appointments that you barely have time to attend them? We can act as your virtual receptionist and schedule appointments, reschedule appointments, provide appointment call reminders, and keep your calendar updated.

Do you wonder if you’re losing customer orders after your Philadelphia, PA business is closed for the day? Answer United can provide order taking during all hours of day and night as part of our answering services.

Do you want to free up your employees from answering live chat questions so they can get back to their regular jobs? Our agents can handle this, too.

No matter where you have a need, Answer United can provide customized answering service solutions to keep your Philadelphia, PA business flowing smoothly.

Medical Answering Services for Your Philadelphia, PA Clinic

At Answer United, we understand how important it is to be accessible to patients and clients in the medical field. Each person who calls has a question that needs to be addressed in a timely manner, whether their query is urgent or not.

Our answering services are fully HIPPA compliant and our experienced professionals can handle a wide variety of needs for doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. Your Philadelphia, PA patients will be answered quickly, professionally, and compassionately. Urgent callers will be directed to the correct department or doctor rapidly, appointments can be scheduled through our agents, and other needs such as prescription refills can be entered through our customized voicemail management system.

We offer numerous services for medical professionals including:

        24/7 call answering
        On-call management
        Call forwarding
        Appointment reminders
        Message forwarding via SMS, PDA, IM, or pager
        Customizable voice message systems

When you hire Answer United to provide medical answering services, you can focus on what’s important – the patient in front of you. Let our expert team of trained professionals handle the office work for you and lighten your already heavy workload.

We can also help take some of the daily strain off your receptionist or front office personnel by providing overflow answering services. Is there a time of day when your front office can’t answer the phone fast enough? Do you have so many patients calling in that you miss some? When we provide overflow answering service, all calls that you can’t answer will be routed to our professional agents. We can then answer questions, take messages, and route calls to the appropriate voicemail box.

Give Your Philadelphia, PA Business a Professional Polish

When we answer the phone on behalf of your business, we will sound like you– professional, friendly, helpful, and engaging. We can even use your Philadelphia, PA business name, motto, and custom script created just for you. Whether you’re a company of one or one hundred, Answer United answering services are here to impress your customers and give your business