Oklahoma City, OK Answering Services

Businesses across the country are realizing the vast benefits an answering service like Answer United can provide. Large companies and small mom-and-pop businesses alike are taking advantage of the ability to increase sales, provide better quality customer service, and keep their business operating around the clock without having to hire more on-site personnel or increasing office space for your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma location.

When Answer United partners with your business, you get all the benefits of hiring dedicated staff to serve your customers with more coverage and none of the hassle.

Customer Focused Answering Service in Oklahoma City

Answer United specializes in partnering with businesses to boost customer service offerings and keep your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma company at the top of your industry. How can we increase customer service options for you? Our answering service agents can handle calls from customers, clients, or patients 24/7. We can provide around-the-clock order entry and event registration. Our agents can chat live with interested customers on your website. We can even provide dealer location services, start insurance claims, and schedule appointments.

These common customer service areas often cause a backlog of work for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma employees. But when you hire us, we can cover these services for you, leaving you and your employees freed up to get back to the job at hand.

Answer United offers numerous customizable answering services such as:

        Medical Answering Services
        Telephone Overflow
        Customizable Voicemail Options
        Email Reading and Response
        Advertisement Response
        Appointment Scheduling
        Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Property Management Services
        And much more!

At Answer United, we can provide coverage for nearly any customer service task you handle in the office. And when we partner with you, we’ll provide around-the-clock coverage – that’s 3 times as much coverage as one employee could provide!

Medical Answering Services for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Medical Offices

If you work in a medical facility, you’ll be happy to know that Answer United provides medical answering services that are private, professional, and HIPAA compliant. Our trained agents are experts at answering quickly and compassionately. They can answer common questions, schedule and reschedule appointments, send through prescription refill requests, and transfer urgent calls to the on-call physician.

Answer United can also manage on-call physicians with our management system. You can change or update on-call schedules from the office or home, view, and sort through messages, and make changes as needed. We can also provide instant messaging for urgent callers to the on-call doctor through a phone call, text, instant message, page, or PDA message.

Rest assured knowing each Oklahoma City, Oklahoma patient or client will be answered, eliminate common bottlenecks in your operations, and keep your practice flowing. Improved patient satisfaction is just one of the many benefits you’ll receive thanks to these medical answering services.

Customizable Oklahoma City Answering Services with Answer United

We offer a lot of answering service options. Why? Because each Oklahoma City, Oklahoma business has unique needs. We work with each business to create a customized plan that addresses specific issues and operational bottlenecks you experience. That’s why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all plan.

Do you struggle with an email inbox that piles up with customer requests each day? Our trained answering service professionals can handle that. Would you like to provide your customers with 24/7 availability to place orders or register for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma events? We can do that. Do you wish you could offer customers a live help desk or chat support while on your website? We can do that, too.

No matter what services you need, we will customize services for you. We can even create custom answering scripts, so we sound exactly how you want us to sound when answering. We’ll use your business name, specific phrases, and any specific wording you’d like us to incorporate into calls with your customers, so we sound just like you.

Save Money With Oklahoma City Answering Services with Answer United

If you were to hire employees to provide the amount of coverage we can provide, you’d have to hire at least three full-time staff members. You’d also have to worry about increased expenses due to taxes, payroll, paid vacations, and medical insurance.

With us as your partners, we’ll provide 24/7 coverage, 365. Our agents won’t take vacations you have to pay for, you don’t need to worry about sick time or health insurance, and we won’t ask for paid time off. Instead, you get around-the-clock coverage for around the price of one single full-time employee. That’s three times as much coverage for a third of the cost. And our answering service agents will never ignore the phone or leave emails unread.

Give us a call today and see how our agents can keep your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma business operating around the clock!