Mobile, AL Answering Services

When you run a business of any kind, one of the most important things to stay on top of is your customer service offerings. Large corporations and small businesses alike need to be available for customers, clients, and, for startups, potential partners. That’s why many business owners find answering services like those we provide so critical.

By providing 24/7 communication options, you leave your customers and clients feeling valued and important. This is one of the best ways to create a long-term customer relationship built on a feeling of trust and appreciation. It can be next to impossible, however, to offer these services with in-house staff members. After all, your staff will need days off, sick leave, vacation time, and they can only work a maximum of 40 hours a week. This is another reason why many businesses turn to Answer United to do what only we can – provide 24/7 answering services so your Mobile, Alabama business never has to close.

Keep your Mobile, Alabama Business Functioning 24/7

If you want to keep your business functioning around the clock even when you’re not in the office or everyone is gone for the day, an answering service might just be the answer you’re looking for. At Answer United, we can provide 24/7 coverage that would be impossible were you to hire more in-person staff.

When we partner with your business to provide 24/7 coverage, we can perform a wide range of tasks including:

        Live call answering
        Email reading and response
        Help desk services
        Web chat
        Order entry
        Event registration
        Processing insurance claims
        Scheduling appointments
        Answering inventory questions

These are just a sampling of the services we can provide your Mobile, Alabama business. We can customize any of these services and more to provide you with exactly the lines of communication you want to give your customers.

With answering services like these, Answer United can help make sure that your Mobile, Alabama business never has to completely close. With 24/7 order entry, web chat, and other services, we streamline the process for your customers, give them the services they need, and give them a reason to keep returning. Increase your customer satisfaction, promote trust, and deepen your customer base’s loyalty to your business or your brand.

Medical Answering Services for Mobile, Alabama Businesses

At Answer United, we have more than 50 years of experience working with medical practices from coast to coast. From hospitals to dental practices to chiropractors, we know what it takes to provide the constant communication that your patients and clients need.

Patients need to get ahold of your or your Mobile, Alabama office at all times of day and night, and for a wide variety of reasons. From scheduling or changing appointment times to requesting prescription refills to calling in for an urgent situation, the ability to reach someone fast is vital. That’s why we offer a wide variety of medical answering services to help meet these needs.

Mobile, Alabama medical centers often select a mix of Answer United’s services including voicemail systems, live answering, and on-call management. Our voicemail systems provide patients with a fast and professional communication line to request prescription refills, inquire about lab or test results, and schedule or reschedule appointments. Live answering service provides patients with the ability to speak to a person when they need a live answer to a pressing question.

With our on-call management, we provide you with the ability to update your on-call physician schedule from anywhere in the world. Simply log on to our system and update it from the Mobile, Alabama office, home, or even when you’re on vacation. Then, when urgent callers need an on-call physician, we can transfer them via our on-call answering service system. Answer United can send messages using whatever message system works best for your staff such as a cell phone call, text message, instant message, a page, or a PDA message.

Save Money for your Mobile, Alabama Business with Answer United

Hiring full-time staff to provide the services mentioned above would be incredibly cost-prohibitive. Not only would you need to hire a minimum of three people to cover the 24/7 period over a five-day business week, but you’d need additional staff to cover the weekend hours. Then, you’d need to provide the training, office space, the paid vacation time, health insurance, and much more that would dramatically increase your bottom line.

With Answer United’s answering services, on the other hand, you receive three times the amount of coverage for the cost of just one employee without all the headache and overhead. We do all the training, use customized scripts to sound just the way you want us to, and partner with your business around the clock to ensure you stay fully functional.

Give Answer United a call today and let’s see how our answering services can benefit your Mobile, Alabama business