Lexington, Kentucky Answering Service

Customer service has the potential to be the tiebreaker between two evenly matched businesses.  Spend for elite customer care through our Lexington answering service and your business will emerge as the leader of your crowded field.  In some cases, elite customer service even convinces customers to choose a company with a higher price point or an inferior product or service.  The bottom line is customers are more likely to give their business to a company that has prompt, friendly and informative customer service.

We Answer Phone Calls and More

Our Lexington answering service provides award-winning service over the phone and also through other means.  If you prefer that we interact with your customers through a specific channel such as email, text message, live chat, social media, email or even fax, we will do exactly that.

We can even add our customer facing dashboard to your site so a friendly customer service representative can be accessed by your customers at all times.  In short, we do everything necessary to provide your customers with accurate, cordial and timely service that answers questions and addresses concerns.  Simply tell us how you would like us to interact with your customers and we will provide service exactly as you desire.

The High-Tech Lexington Answering Service You can Count On

The last thing your business needs is for phone calls to be redirected to an answering machine or other automated service.  Instead of running the risk of losing out on a considerable amount of business by letting calls go to voicemail, choose our Lexington answering service.  Other answering services often rely on bare bones infrastructure and outdated technology.  We’ve taken the path less traveled.  Answer United has invested a significant amount of money in our tech and infrastructure to provide exemplary customer service ‘round the clock.

We provide 24-hour call answering at call centers backed up by generators and batteries, ensuring every single call is answered no matter how bad the weather gets or if the power is knocked out.  Our Lexington answering service has even invested in redundant phone carrier lines to guarantee incoming calls will always make it through to our customer service representatives.

We are ISO27001 certified to keep all client data safe.  Our business is also compliant with the nuanced rules of HIPAA and PCI.  In short, this is a Lexington answering service your business can rely on every single day without exception.  We are professional in every sense of the word.

Solutions Specific to Your Industry and Customers

The answering service you select for your business and unique customers should not provide generic support applicable to any company.  Rather, you need and deserve a team of customer service specialists willing to take a deep dive into your business and tailor responses to questions and concerns accordingly.  Meet with our team, provide us with a script to follow during customer interactions and we will provide service exactly as you request.

Our customer service specialists support businesses in all different sectors and niches.  From event planning companies to medical services providers, entertainment services, funeral homes, real estate offices, law firms, HVAC contractors and beyond, we support every type of business.  If some of your customers speak Spanish, we will still be able to serve them as we provide bilingual customer service at no extra charge.

Affordable Customer Service 24/7/365

There is a common misconception that spending for ‘round the clock customer service is a financial trap, especially if few incoming calls are made during off hours.  Take a look at our rates and you will quickly agree that our affordability is second to none.

We staff an incoming call center 24 hours a day, meaning there will always be a friendly customer service representative ready to take incoming calls.  Unlike receptionists, we don’t take breaks, personal days, sick days or vacations that leave the phones unmanned.  Nor do we require expensive benefits such as healthcare, retirement contributions or bonuses.

Simply pay the flat rate for our Lexington answering service and this small investment in your customer service will set the stage for additional revenue from satisfied customers in the days, weeks and months ahead.  You’ll enjoy an invaluable peace of mind knowing a customer service representative is always available to take calls, respond to emails, engage in live chat discussions and otherwise interact with your valued customers as well as those who have the potential to be guided down to the bottom of the sales funnel for conversion.

Coordinate Customer Service Through Answer United

Answer United’s Lexington answering service is ready to take your business to new heights.  Reach out to us today by phone at 800-937-5900 to learn more about our service.  You can also schedule an online demo to get a better sense of how our customer service will enhance your business.