The Leading Answering Service in Greenville, North Carolina

The reality these days is that running a business is no longer a 9-5 endeavor. No, it’s something that you literally have to work at all hours of the day if you want to excel. And this includes more than just producing and distributing your product. There are supply chains to manage, workers to hire and customer service to attend to. And good customer service is more important than you may initially think.

Think about this for a moment. What company are you more likely to do business with: a firm that answers your call whenever it is you call and can immediately take care of you? Or would you rather work with one that you have to constantly leave messages with and wait for an answer?

The answer should be obvious to you – and that’s why you can’t neglect customer service. A big part of your customer service efforts should be ensuring that you’re there to service your customers at all hours of the day, and that’s where a professional answering service can help. By partnering with an answering service in Greenville such as Answer United, you can rest assured someone’s always there for your customers. And this doesn’t just improve customer service, but it can streamline your operations and even help increase your revenue as well. Read on for more information about Answer United and how we can help take your business to new heights.

The Best Medical Answering Service in Greenville

Before we get into some of the benefits of working with an answering service and partnering with Answer United specifically, let’s first get into one of our specialties: work as a medical answering service. If you’re operating a business in the medical industry, then you already know it has very specific regulations that it must abide by. We can comply with these regulations, while streamlining operations such as appointment management, refilling prescriptions and answering frequently asked questions. We can also put your clients in touch with a doctor or medical professional in the event of an emergency. When it comes to finding a medical answering service in Greenville, there’s no firm more qualified than Answer United.

The Answer United Difference

Like we said in the intro, a good answering service can help eliminate some of the common pain points that a business typically has to manage. This can help your firm increase its productivity by offloading some responsibilities on professionals – such as our Answer United agents – who excel at them. But there are a lot more ways Answer United goes to bat for your firm.

For starters, we work to serve as a true extension of your business to offer the best service possible to your clients, regardless of the industry that you operate in. By strategically pairing our agents with the appropriate industry and firm, we’re able to provide value-added services such as helping write call scripts and serving more of an advisory role to the companies we work with.

Additionally, we’ll customize our answering services for your business. For instance, if you need us to do more than just answer phone calls, but answer emails, messages on social media, text messages or even live chat – we can do it. We know that your customers may be using other platforms beyond the phone to communicate and we can meet them wherever they are. We also offer other services, such as live and automated absentee reporting. Contact us today for more information.

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