The right telephone answering service for your business

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It isn’t easy to find a reliable, nationwide telephone answering service – that makes Answer United a rare treat.

Available 24/7 should you require it, we have over 45 years’ experience to our name and multiple awards to prove that our approach to customer service can benefit your business.

Our clients can choose from a comprehensive catalog of services, or request a custom-built solution. Our highly-trained agents will feel confident implementing it whatever the case.

The telephone answering service for businesses large and small

Whatever the scale of your operations, our customized telephone answering service can help you grow your brand reputation and retain customers. In addition to standard inbound call answering, we offer order taking, ad response, appointment scheduling, help desk assistance and website order support.

Tailor your telephone answering service

Answer United can oversee your customer service needs, whether you’re an independent freelancer or a multinational with a full suite of services.

Rest assured, your customers will never be placed on hold in order for us to take an additional call. What’s more, 80% of our calls are answered within three rings.