Telephone Answering Service

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The Value of Finding a Service That Specializes in Your Type of Business

Sometimes all you need is a telephone answering service and it really does not matter what type of service you choose as long as they can take messages and screen your calls. At other times it makes all the difference in the world the type of business you have and whether the telephone answering service knows how to respond to your calls.

In the case of medical businesses of any kind, counseling and attorneys for instance, a carefully trained answering service is essential to ensure that each of your clients gets the care they need and that calls are forwarded to you in timely matter when necessary. HVAC and heating oil services needs 24 hour emergency services that know who is on call every night and where to contact them, and call centers need to be able to process credit cards and answer calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You can spend weeks looking for the right telephone answering service or you can call Answer United, with other 45 years in the call answering business we have evolved with businesses and technology putting us in the unique position to better understand your needs.