Telephone Answering Service

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Telephone Answering Service- How a Telephone Answering Service can Help your Business

Most companies have some sort of telephone answering service for their after-hours needs; this can vary from an answering machine to a full service answering service. Some companies find that as they grow they may need to have a telephone answering service for their daytime hours as well to handle overflow or to work as a virtual receptionist, so that their employee’s productivity is not taken up by being on the phone all day long.

Many companies depend on their phones to bring them new business, take orders, or to make the connection with their potential clients. In cases such as these, phone time can far outweigh available man hours, this leaves you with two choices, hire more people and spend money on a sophisticated phone system to handle all the calls or to outsource the calls to a telephone answering service.

Answer United knows how important your calls are to your business and wants to help you find a streamline solution to make your business as productive as possible.