Forward Phone Calls to a Telephone Answering Service

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You may have a business where you have customers walking in at all different times of the day, while you’re taking phone calls. It can become hectic when the phone is ringing off the hook and you have people waiting in line. You will be attempting to divide your attention to managing phone calls and the people standing in front of you. During these busy times, you can have your calls forwarded to our telephone answering service so you can concentrate on your actual customers- without being interrupted by a ringing telephone.

A Telephone Answering Service Uses Your Custom Phone Script

When you forward your phone calls to our telephone answering service here at Answer United, our agents answer the phone using your own personalized greeting. You help provide and create your own phone script for our agents to use for answering your telephone calls. Your callers will never know they are calling into an answering service, and assume they are talking directly to your business.