Why Do I Need a Small Business Answering Service?

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You may wonder why you would need a small business answering service for
your small business. One reason you might select our answering service is to
have someone available to answer your incoming telephone calls. If you are your
only employee, you will want someone to answer your phone line when you are out
of your office. You could be out trying to secure new clients, and miss an
important phone call. When callers cannot reach you, you run the risk of not
earning their business.

A Small Business Answering Service Has Other Types of Solutions

When you have your phone lines covered, you may think that you do not need help from our small business answering service, here at Answer United. However, there are other types of solutions which we offer that you might need. For instance, we offer help with ad response from marketing campaigns sent through email. We also provide online instant messaging chat support for people who need assistance on your website.